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Performance Dynamics Of An Industry Enterprise In Bangladesh

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Terrm Paper

Performance dynamics of an industry enterprise in Bangladesh.

A case study of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


Nisith Kumar Mondal
ID no.- 10415004
MBA Program, Summer-2011

School of Business
University of Information Technology and Sciences
Baridhara Campus

Historical Background

|ABOUT US |  |

SQUARE today symbolizes a name – a state of mind. But its journey to the growth and prosperity has been no bed of roses. From the inception in 1958, it ...view middle of the document...

We value our social obligations.

• We owe to our shareholders and strive for protection of their capital as well as ensure highest return and growth of their assets.

• We strive for best compensation to all the employees who constitute the back-bone of the management and operational strength of the Company through a pay-package composing salary/wages, allowances, bonus, profit participation, leave salary and superannuation & retirement benefits.

• We strive for best co-operation of the creditors & debtors the banks & financial institutions who provide financial support when we need them, the suppliers of raw materials & suppliers who offer them at the best prices, the providers of utilities-power, gas & water etc. and the customers who buy our products & services by redeeming their claim in time by making prompt payment and by distributing proper product on due dates.

• We strive for fulfillment of our responsibility to the Government through payment of entire range of due taxes, duties, and claim to various public agencies.

• We strive, as responsibilities citizen, for a social order devoid of malpractices, anti-environmental behaviors, unethical and corruptive dealings.

• We strive for practicing good governance in every sphere of activities covering inter alia not being limited to, disclosure & reporting to shareholders holding AGM in time, distribution of dividends and other benefits to shareholders, reporting/dissemination of price sensitive information, acquisition of share by insiders, recruitment & promotion of staff, procurement & supplies, sale of assets etc. all that directly and indirectly affect the interest of concerned groups – the shareholders, the creditors, suppliers, employees, government and the public in general.

Company Profiles
The formulation plants are producing wide range of dosage forms like -
|Tablets : |Non-Coated (plain, chewable, dispersible, vaginal) |  |
| |Coated (sugar coated, film coated, enteric coated) | |
| |Sustained/Extended Released (coated, non – coated) | |
|Capsules : |Granulated Material filled |  |
| |Pellets Filled | |
|Suppositories : |Suppocire based |  |
|Injections : |Vials containing Dry Powder for Injections |  |
| |Small Volume Liquid Parenterals ...

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