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Performance, Career Management And Development Essay

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Performance, Career Management and Development at Kudler Fine Foods


Kudler Fine Foods is a food store situated in the San Diego metropolitan area. Its stores are located at different locations of California. The main focus of the store is to have profit maximization by providing quality products at appropriate prices in comparison of the competitors. The company also wants to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers. Through this objective, the store wants to have major growth. The company currently wishes to enlarge its services by attaining perfection in the efficiency of its operations and due to ...view middle of the document...

d.). He should have bachelor's degree or corresponding experience and 3 - 5 years pertinent retail management experience.

• Account Manager: The second position that could be appointed by the company management is Account manager. He will be responsible for managing all the accounts of the company and report it to all his supervisors and associates. He should have bachelor degree in the field of commerce along with relevant account experience.

• Stock In charge: The third position that needs to be fulfilled is Stock In charge. He will be responsible for managing stock in the stores and dealing with suppliers and retailers. In addition to this he will be accountable for reporting to his manager regarding the functioning and maintenance of stock. He should have at least a post graduation degree along with relevant 2-3 years experience.

• Customer Service Executive: The fourth position that should be executed in the team is of customer service executive. He will be responsible for ensuring that all customers are greeted in a quick and friendly manner. In addition to this, he will be responsible for ensuring that all customer queries are managed in a polite and obliging manner and all associates are furnished with merchandise information and effective salesmanship proficiencies. He should have bachelor’s degree and relevant experience. Fresher’s can also apply for this position.

• Sales & Marketing Manager: The last position that should be fulfilled is of Sales & Marketing Manager. Sales & Marketing manager will be responsible for managing all activities related with sales and marketing of company stores. He should have professional degree in marketing or relevant experience of minimum 2 years.

Training Program

The current training program extended by the management of Kudler Fine Foods is doing well, however its management wants it to perk up and restructure so that all the new and current employees of the company can get all the training necessitated for them to excel in this competitive environment (Griffin & Ebert, 2002). For restructuring and improving its current training program the company will adopt different training programs founded on the diverse levels like training programs for first level employees, middle level employees, new hires, management, team leadership and OSHA ordinances.

The new training program will be established on a needs basis, so that the new employees difficulties in concern to administrative work or time management can be resolve in the most effective and efficient manner. The prominent objectives of the new training program will be the development of all the hard and soft skills that are necessitated to carry out each task of current and new employees (Mathis & Jackson, 2006). Subsequent to the theoretical training each employee will be given a practical training on how they need to execute on different levels in their discipline.

This will assist the current...

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