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his research project aims to examine the impact of performance assessments on the flying staff of Emirates Airlines. Recent decades have seen significant developments in the area of human resources management. Whilst labour was for many years considered no more than one of the four factors of production, (the other three being land, machinery and capital), contemporary businesses think of the quality and motivation of their workforce to be one of the most important elements of their competitiveness in the larger market (Mathis & Jackson, 2004). Scientific management principles, elaborated by the likes of Fredrick Taylor and Henry Ford, have for long advanced the theory that employees by and ...view middle of the document...

Such performance assessment helps organisations in various ways to improve employee productivity and can also be used as a strong tool for motivation of employees (Lazenby, 2008).
Performance assessment methods are now being progressively adopted by numerous business corporations, including airlines. Emirates Airlines, the subject of this study is the largest carrier of the Middle East and one of the better known airlines in the world (Emirates Airlines, 2010). The company places special emphasis on providing its clients with comfortable, convenient and enjoyable flying experiences. Much of its success in customer service and satisfaction as well as the operational efficiency of its aircraft depends upon the efficiency, productivity and motivation of its flying staff (Emirates Airlines, 2010).
This dissertation project investigates the impact of performance assistance on the flying staff of Emirates Airlines.
1.2. Aims and Objectives
This research project aims to examine the impact of performance assessment of the flying staff of Emirates Airlines on their levels of motivation. The project has the following objectives:
To examine the different objectives and methods of performance assessment
To investigate and quantify the impact of performance assessment on various areas like employee performance, employee involvement and employee motivation
To investigate the likely impact of performance assessment on the motivation levels of employees of Emirates Airlines
1.3. Research Questions
The research questions for the project are elaborated as under:
Question 1: What are basic purposes and objectives of performance assessment?
Question 2: How can performance assessment procedures be applied to flying staff of eminent airlines?
Question 3: How can performance assessment affect the performance, commitment, loyalty and motivation of the flying staff of such airlines?
Question 4: How will performance level affect the motivation of flying staff of Emirates Airways?
1.4. Definition of Terms
Performance Assessment
Methods used for assessment of performance of organisational employees
Flying Staff
Airline employees like pilots and crew members who work in the air
Maslow, McGregor and Vroom
Very important behavioural scientists
September 11 Attacks
Terrorist attacks on World Trade Centre, New York on September 11, 2001
Function or academic discipline connected with organisational human resources
1.5. Limitations of Study
The study is limited by the resources available to the researcher in terms of time and facilities. Whilst effort will be made to conduct primary research in detail, it is possible that respondents for primary research may not be available as required. Such limitations could affect the quality of research and validity of findings.
2. Literature Review
2.1. Emirates Airlines
Emirates Airlines, which was founded in 1985 with the support of the Royal Family of Dubai, has over the years grown to...

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