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Performance Appraisal of Maan Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Maan Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a group company of good luck group. The good luck group is involved in multifaceted business like pharmaceuticals formulation s manufacturing, two wheeler, three wheeler & four wheeler distribution, submersible pump distribution, HDPE WOVEN SACK MANUFACTURING for fertilizer and cement industry and cable manufacturing.
"The company having a strong prescription base earned through ethical promotion will survive in the long run". This was the string connection with which company start its ethical operations in states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. On successful launch in these two states, company ...view middle of the document...

To achieve this goal, company has almost renovated its plant and is planning to meet FDA (USA), MCA (UK??), and TGA (Australia) standards. The organization started its production with tablet, liquid, capsules and powders and ORS department. Now the organization is expanding and commissioning a new inject able unit, ointment department, hormone department and natural product unit.
The company is producing and marketing its products for various medical specialties like Gynecologists, Physicians, Orthopaedicians and others. The product profile of the company includes Antibiotics, Multivitamins, Haemostatic, Anti allergic, Anathematic, Antitussive and Natural products.
MAAN PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. has started its full-fledged production and commercial activities in the year 1993. At present company is manufacturing all kinds of pharmacy tablets, capsules, syrup and powder. Company has made expansion cum diversification in the year 2002. The Company has increased its production capacity of the products, which are manufacture by it, and simultaneously it has started to produce new products by way of installing production line for injection, ointment and hormones.
Wages & Salary Administration
Wages & salary is important factors by which company can satisfy their employees. If company provide good wages & salary to their employees, than the employees will be satisfied and they will work with interest, so that productivity of the employees will be high due to giving then enough salary.
The Maan Pharmaceuticals Ltd. pays wages mostly on monthly basis. There is also policy of daily wages only that unskilled labor in the packing department. Salary normally paid to clerical administrative and professional employees on monthly basis.
The Maan Pharmaceuticals Ltd. giving total salary up to Rs. 2.5 Lac per month but now company has gate WHO quality product so that special skilled professional will required so company now pays salary up to Rs. 6.0 Lac per month.
There are various levels of salaries for different level of employees, which is as under.
Q/A Manager | Rs.15000 |
Account manager | Rs.10000 |
Quality control manager | Rs.10000 |
Production manager | Rs.14000 |
Injection manager | Rs.18000 |
Store manager | Rs.8000 |
* Semi –skilled workers | Rs.1500 |
* Un-skilled workers | Rs. 1000 |
Minimum  salary offered  by  company  is | Rs. 1000 |

They give advertisement in newspaper for recruitment of top level employees.
The success of MAAN PHARMA depends upon the skills and capability of its application towards company's growth. Management selects top-level employees or manager. They keep interview program for selecting right and efficient candidate. They select two candidates for one position.
MAAN PHARMA gives promotion on the basis of...

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