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Performance And Career Management Plan Essay

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Performance and Career Management Plan

University of Phoenix

Human Capital Management 531

October 29, 2009

Employee Formal Feedback
Why should managers conduct formal feedback with their employees? It is so that a manager can maintain a productive, secure, and dedicated workforce within the company. Performance feedback to employees is one of the vital key to making that elusive objective a reality. Most employees are uncomfortable with insecurity. When employees are insecure about their work performance and job security, they cannot be as pleased and productive as possible. Feedback eases employee insecurity and provides guidance on how well an individual is performing ...view middle of the document...

If negative feedback is necessary, it should always finish with a series of positive steps that the employee can take toward improvement. These steps might be some direction toward a source of further training, or plans for a change in the work system that limits performance.
In order for feedback to help improve employee performance, it must be received on a regular and frequent basis. Informal feedback fills this need. Informal feedback might merely be a pat on the back when the manager observes that a job was well done. Any communication about performance that is carried out in an informal setting is informal feedback. When a manager is carrying out the role of supervisor, informal feedback makes up the largest and most important parts of that role. Good managers maintain open communication with their employees. They listen closely to their ideas and concerns and are always offering feedback on their performances.
Helping the Employee Reach a Higher Level of Performance
Managers need to listen to unhappy employees. If the manager is honestly paying attention, he or she will know what the employees are thinking and how they feel. Listening and staying in tune with their employees mental well-being is a necessity. Managers can encourage performance by “providing a sufficient amount of rewards and incentives that employees really value that are presented in a fair and timely manner.” (Cascio 2005). These rewards and incentives can boost morale within the company and assist the employees in striving for a higher level of performance. Rewards can be monetary—extra money for improved work performance, increased hourly rate for cross-training, or merit raises in pay for outstanding performance. Incentive can be nonmonetary—flexible working hours, public recognition for performance (newspaper announcements, etc.), or priority for scheduling vacation time. Depending on whether rewards or incentives are given to individuals or groups of employees, not everyone may qualify for these rewards or incentives. In order for these to be effective motivational tools for improving performance, they must be important to the employee. When choosing what rewards and incentives to give, a manager must ask himself these two questions: Will this rewards or incentives be valued by the employees? Is the reward or incentive directly tied to outcomes that improve profitability?
It sounds so easy - Expect high performance and you won’t be disappointed. Expect so-so performance and that’s what you’ll get. In order for a manager to help his or her employees maximize their productivity, the following three practices should be used when providing formal feedback to help define what is meant “high performance” and to describe how you expect the employee to attain it: Involve the employees in setting performance goals. Rather than just dropping performance goals, individual goals or company goals onto employees, approach them with the thought,...

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