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Performance And Career Management Essay

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Assignment 4: Performance and Career Management
Raven Robinson
Dr. Glynn Jordan

Performance Evaluation Form
Employee _________________________ Position___________________________
Manager _________________________ Location__________________________
Evaluation Period ____/____/_______ to ____/____/______

Performance Evaluation Criteria | Performance Rating | Comments |
Negotiating Skills: Employee posses the ability to negotiate effectively and close the deal. | | |
Written/Verbal Communication Skills: Employee communicates with client and teammates | | |
Troubleshooting Skills: Recognizes problems, analyzes them thoroughly, and creatively ...view middle of the document...

So, in most instances feedback should be provided in a private meeting area with the manager and the employee only. It is important for the manager and employee to remain very positive while feedback is being provided. It helps ensure that the information is retained by the employee.
Once the feedback is provided to the employee, the employee will have an opportunity to the discuss the feedback in a one on one meeting. In this meeting the employee will list any opportunities they need to overcome. An action plan to overcome these opportunities will be discussed and the employee will be required to document this on the evaluation form as well. The employee will be given the opportunity to take online tutorials to help build any lacking skills, if needed. In most cases this will be optional, but in extreme situations, it will be mandatory.
As a manager I will help employees reach a high level of success by providing them constructive feedback and recognizing their strengths. The evaluation form will serve as motivation and a check point with the employees. I will make sure that I thoroughly explain to the employee what will be needed to take them to the next level within the company. I will help employees generate career goals during this time and we will create an action plan to help them reach those goals. I will meet with the employees mid year for a mock evaluation, which will include feedback and an update to their goals. The actual evaluation will take place at the end of each year and will include the same items.
Educational Opportunities
Training and online tutorials will be available to employees on a regular basis. They can be used by employees to help sharpen skills or even gain skills. It will be recommended that employees participate in the trainings and tutorials, as they will help grow their professional career within the company. The (2010) website, states that company educational opportunities provide room for employee advancement and builds trust within the employee. Seminars will also be offered to the employees, they will be optional, but highly recommended. Employees who attend these events are will have an upper hand to advancing their career within the company.

Advancement and Promotions
As the company continues to grow there will be plenty of room for career advancement. Evaluations and attendance in the educational opportunity programs will play a big role in who will advance within this company. It is important that employees educate themselves as much as possible on the changes and products if they are looking to advance into a different position within the company. The trainings will be available to the employees, so they should take full advantage of them.

Adaption to Team Diversity
As a manager I would adapt to diversity within my team by communicating with each employee about their career path. I will make sure that each review will be geared towards the career path that is specific to...

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