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Performance Essay

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The study focuses on the human factors affecting the high performance of faculty members in university. The subjects provided in this chapter helped in obtaining the objectives of the study.

Several studies had proven that there was actually an existing problem on the performance of employees in Cavite State University. An employee must be a communicator, a leader, a role model, and a collaborator. Each individual member of a team should understand exactly what their responsibilities and expectations are, and as their supervisor, an employee should work to help them reach those goals. Some people find performance management to be a difficult role to ...view middle of the document...

The manager or the engineering manager must be concerned with the right persons in various positions area within his area of concern. Although some of important aspects of staffing may be delegated to the human resource office. (Rue & Byers, 1998)

Under these theories a way of appraising performance in Cavite State University Faculty Members can be stated. A rating scale method where each trait or characteristic to be rated is represented by a line or scale. A management by objectives method and assessment center method can be applied. Wherein the management by objectives method are specific are collaboratively for the organization as a whole, while the assessment center method can be applied to the faculty members where one is evaluated by persons other than the immediate managers.

In induction, a new employee is provided with the necessary information about the company. His duties, responsibilities, and benefits are relayed to him. While in orientation, the new employee is should introduced to his working environment and co-workers (Cruden & Sherman, 1984) There was very much appreciation of improved predominance of faculty members due to orientation. Methods used during the orientation process had positive influence over new employees' start up in the organization. In order to improve the orientation program it was recommended that; for orientation process to be effective must involve human resource and line departments' staff both of whom need to undergo training on how to conduct it

Performance Appraisal is used to influence in a positive manner the employee for the development of performance. Wherein we can determine merit pay increases and plan for future performance goals. It can also determine training and development needs and assess the promotional potential employees (Cruden and Sherman, 1963). An employee of CvSU with performance appraisal can act as motivation for an employee to improve his productivity. When an employee sees his goals clearly defined, his performance challenges identified and career development solutions in place to help advance his career, the effect is to motivate the employee to achieve those goals. Creating a comprehensive plan for employee development and giving an employee achievement to strive for will inspire a higher level of efficiency.

In terms of Cash bonus, it is form of reward that organizations use to reward employees for exemplary performance that is if they have performed higher or exceed their set targets, this hence makes them eligible (Finkle, 2011). The amount of cash is determined by how high the employee has over exceeded the set targets or they can also be based on ranks or job groups. Nowadays, companies are rewarding performance bonuses to junior employees to increase output, unlike the past where they used to be a privilege of top executives. Performance bonuses are now on the rise in many organizations because managers want to link performance to reward...

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