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Performace Essay

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Performance Analysis
Hoods by Angela Betzeun, Real TV at the Arts centre on 21st of April.
Hoods is a play that is based around a video game, it uses elements such as pause, rewind, fast-forward and play. The play Hoods is about three young kids Kyle, Jessie and baby brother Troy and there wild imaginations. The Three kids wait in the car for their mum and interreges the audience with their past, present and future stories.
Identify any themes and issues
1. I believe the message of the story to how to how important it is for families through really hard times.
2. I think the most common concern for the characters was if they were to survive or if one was to or not.
3. The problem ...view middle of the document...

4. Yes his voice was very appropriate for all of the characters.
5. They all could be heard and I could understand them.
6. I believed him in all the characters he played.

Evaluate the elements of the production and how they contributed to the dramatic meaning.
1. The lighting was mainly a white natural colour, when it was night the lights went a dark blue colour. The old plain coloured costume matched the story line.
2. Yes, I think the play was directed well, and the story line was clever.
3. Kyle wore torn gray track suit plants with a big t-shirt, on top he wore a baggy hoody. It suited his character because he was living in extreme poor conditions. E
4. The costume was mostly dark colours, which showed that Kyle had a dark life.
6. Yes, the white lighting made the actors visible.
7. When the truck almost hit almost hit Kyle, Jessie and Troy there were only spotlights on them and the sound effect of the traffic. I felt that it gave it a dramatic feel.
8. Jessie sung the neighbours theme song, which showed her loneliness and her imagination.
9. There were recorded sounds used for when the bins fell over and the people walking in the shopping centre.
Sum up the overall success of the play
I though the play overall was very successful. The way the actors portrayed their characters and stayed in character was terrific. I found it a very enjoyable play and although it had a dark side to it, it was still a delight to watch.

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