Perfomance Analysis Of Mercantile Bank, Bangladesh

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In order to know about a financial organization like a bank, a person should know all section of the financial organization in times. We intend to provide minimum background and procedural guidelines to examiners responsible for evaluating a bank’s activities.
Definition of the Bank
Bank is defined as a financial institution that collects deposits from various individual and organizations and provides loans to those who need it. But modern banks do not mean only the means of collecting and disbursing money to various entities. Rather it provides various services to various entities which facilitate their business operations.
The functional definition of bank is that “it is a ...view middle of the document...

The Bank started commercial banking operations from June 02, 1999. During this short span of time, the Bank has been successful to position itself as a progressive sand dynamic financial institution in the country.
The Bank had been widely welcome by the business community, from small entrepreneurs for forward-looking business outlook business outlook and innovative financing solutions. Thus, within this very short period it has been able to create an image for itself and has earned significant reputation in the country’s banking sector as a bank with vision. The company Philosophy -“efficiency is our strength” has been exactly the essence of success of this Bank.
Mercantile Bank Limited has been licensed by the Government of Bangladesh as a scheduled Bank in the private sector in the process of the policy of liberalization of banking and financial services or Bangladesh. In view of the above, the Bank has, within a period of eight years of its operation, achieved a remarkable success and has always met up capital adequacy requirement set by Bangladesh Bank. There are twenty-seven sponsors involved in creating Mercantile Bank Limited; the sponsors of the Bank have a long heritage of trade, commerce and industry. They are highly regarded for their entrepreneurial competence. The sponsors happen to be member of different professional groups among whom are also renowned banking professionals having vast range of banking knowledge. There are also members who are associated with other financial institution like companies, leasing company’s etc. The board of directors consists of 21 members elected from the sponsor of the bank. And the board of directors is the apex body of e bank. All route matters beyond delegated owners of management are decided upon by or routed through the executive committee, subject to ratification by the board of directors.

Objectives of the Mercantile Bank Limited

Vision, Mission and Core Values

Business Philosophy of MBL
The philosophy of MBL is not to ‘Carry coal to the new castle'.
Features of Mercantile Bank Limited
There are so many reasons behind the better performance of Mercantile Bank Limited than any other newly established banks:
• Mercantile Bank Limited has established a core Research & Planning Division comprising skilled person from the very inception of the bank.
• Highly qualified and efficient professionals manage the bank.
• The inner environments of the all branches of Mercantile Bank Limited are well decorated.
• Banking operations of the all branches of Mercantile Bank Limited have been computerized to provide the promptly & frequently customers service.
• The bank has established correspondent relationship with 102 of foreign banks.
• The bank has launched some financial products, which is not available in any other banks, like Ajebon Pension Scheme.
• Mercantile Bank Limited provides...

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