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Perfectionism Essay

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The Oxford English dictionary defines perfection as “the condition, state or quality of being free or as free as possible from flaws or defects”. This definition has been taken by society, which has then been included to the massive amount of expectations women should have, in order to experience perfection. In the novel Beauty Junkies author, Alex Kuczynski goes around the world to show how plastic surgery makes people insane. Also, in Vanity Fair, Rebecca Sharp manipulates everyone, including her own husband, by seducing every other man so they would give her money. Consequently, what can be noticed by the two novels is that with the aid of manipulation, including ...view middle of the document...

[The] Puerto Rico Cosmetic Surgery Directory can help [them] get in touch with plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Puerto Rico [who] will... help [them] reach [their] goals.” ("Puerto rico cosmetic). This shows us that certain women are easily persuaded by surgery clinic’s who influence them into thinking “every single woman gets surgery, so why not me?” Due to this manipulation, it will lead to obsessive behaviours, since after they get the “nose, face, or body” that everyone has the need for more enhancements or uplifts will eventually become natural for them. Therefore, women may be noticed to use manipulation in order to reach the top of society.
Women not only use their appearance to manipulate others but also use their seductive manner to manipulate wealthy people in order to gain part of their wealth. This is proven when Rebecca Sharp, from Vanity Fair seduces Lord Steyne, a wealthy man, in order to repay an old friend as well as gain more wealth. Although she is married she does not share part of the wealth with her husband but instead continues her small affair with Lord Steyne. The shameful, promiscuous manner that Rebecca displays has been the cause for her increase in social status, because after entertaining Lord Steyne, she begins entertaining larger parties. This social increase would not have happened if it were not for the small affair that occurred with her and Lord Steyne. This manipulation can also be found in other parts of the world, including Japan where Geisha’s were required to become “waitresses, bar girls, café girls, and resolutely cherry prostitutes [with no pay],” and live in, “squalid little houses above fetid ditches where mosquitoes [swarm]” (Downer 177). Since Geisha’s were not paid, and this work was done to get known, the only source of “income” for these young women were tips, which is based on how much a male customer liked or enjoyed their presence. To get a customer to feel this way, they would have to use their seductive manners in order to manipulate them into giving them more money. Therefore, both novels show two different ways in which women can reach the top of society. Both methods of manipulation relate to each other because in both scenarios the woman somehow manipulates either society or the people in society into thinking that they naturally have a flawless face or that they are in need of money; and in the end, the women end up having a higher social status because of it. With the help from different manipulations, including their seductive tactics or their surgery-done face, the result is that women reach the top of society; however, the after-effect to this is a continuous obsession that is far more dangerous than the actual surgery.

Although it can be agreed that the appearance people at the top have seem to be perfect, this assumption is completely different from the ill health most of these people endure. In Beauty Junkies the author explains how one lady “drinks Penta water…which is...

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