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Perfection Is Impossible Essay

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Marie Losloso
Eng 201 A
Jon Drinnon
Perfection is Impossible
Who doesn't want to look perfect? A large number of women always have their own natural beauty, but there's always things you can buy that can help you stay in shape, look fabulous, gorgeous and to have the most beautiful hair and hottest clothes. In women's magazines I noticed multiple ad's trying to persuade the consumer into buying a product that they think will work. I did a small study on three women's magazines to see if these magazines are telling the truth about what products work. One magazine called, "Cosmopolitan", as we all know even if it's about the product working or not, most women don't realize ...view middle of the document...

There is also a before and after picture on how Monica looks as she is more happier now. These people don't understand what's in these diet supplies, Hydroxycut does have some negative side effects, such as increased blood pressure, heart rate and sweating, headaches and more. Diet supplements, like Hydroxycut, on the other hand, do not require FDA approval before reaching market. So even though Hydroxycut has been blamed for more than 20 reports of liver-related ailments, including the death of a teenager, and though heart and muscle problems have been blamed on Hydroxycut, it was still allowed on the market. It was only after it was on the market that the FDA took action. Now does that seem like something you want to buy as you read an article on a magazine saying its America's #1 weight loss brand, and that it really works! Your putting your life into danger as this supplement is not even FDA approved! Women's don't realize the chemicals in these supplements, they realize how nice Monica is looking after her 8 week treatment by taking the pill. Women see these magazines like how she looks as if they change their eating habits until they become sick. Blakely mentioned, " A recent study of Bulimia, a disorder in which victims force themselves to vomit after eating. In "Diet Grrrl", Kate Allen says," Women suffer from Bulimia, body dimorphic disorder, self-harm, and binge eating are also affected by the media pressure." As women's pictures themselves as the lady on the magazine they start harming their bodies in different ways. Because of health concerns, I would not recommend taking this product to anyone, Even though the thought of simply taking a pill to lose weight can be exhilarating, it can also be life threatening.
In , " Cosmopolitan" I noticed Neutrogena is the #1 dermatologist recommended brand of skin care products as well as hair care and cosmetics. Now is this something we can actually trust? You always want to look up your research before you buy your product. I seen an article online as I did my research, where a young women had ordered this product as of 4 days later it came in the mail, woke up early morning to apply the skin care scrub to see if it actually worked, as soon on her face is very swollen! Yet, she is not allergic to anything. Also Proactive , Yes it may work! But once you stop using the product, all your pimples comes back onto your face. We know these marketers trying to make a sales plan having us consumers purchasing what may be nice for us, but are these product really okay for our skin? As Blakely mentioned, "who wouldn't want to look like...

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