Perfection Era Paper

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Perfection Era Paper
Christopher Candelas
January 30, 2011
Instructor Hansen

Perfection Era Paper

The early stages of the 19th century marked various significant events in the United States that eventually became recognized as the Perfection Era. During the beginning years of the Perfection Era changes essential to minorities and women within American society as well as minority idealism began to take on a diverse shape. Minorities and women sought after change and a new type of role in society, but more than that these individuals encouraged a new public persona as well as the way they would view themselves. However, insert religion! The previous period prior to ...view middle of the document...

“Instead of parents arranging the marriages of their children, couples were beginning to wed more often on the basis of affection. At the same time, marriage remained essential for a woman’s economic security. The unpredictability of these social circumstances drew young women toward religion” (Davidson, Gienapp, Heyrman, Lytle, Stoff, 2005, p. 319), but this was a simple aspect of the changes and events of this period. Women were becoming less significant outside the household because of new outlets of labor, style of work, and gender discriminating that presented the judgment that certain jobs were more customary to men in society. The vigorous social view of women was less than most bargained for as they not only sought to dilute the short comings of equality in regard to finances, but also what and how their behaviors were viewed as, especially if they were thought to have over stepped boundaries.
The term “housewives” often referenced women (mothers and wives) during the Perfection Era as well as characterized the expanded lifestyle of women during this particular time. This mindset crippled the societal strength that a woman may have possessed as well muted the voice and rights of many women who sought after something more than this label. More importantly during this era women began to establish themselves and their equalities through various literary workings. This eventually became known as a model throughout the country for Caucasian women of middle social class to introduce the notion of equal citizenship in the U.S. as well as the potential afforded rights of working class women. Women definitely played a significant role in the second Great Awakening given the influence that laid in their hands regarding religious conversions, power in numbers, and the new outlook on marriage.
The momentum seemed to pause for women once the movement for the right to vote and establish women as U.S. citizens and individuals separate from their husbands. As many women reaped the benefits of the few new-found rights they still saw much suffrage in this movement considerably due in part to the unwritten double standard presented in American culture around this time. Restraints placed upon women by men in regard to the workforce would linger on throughout the years, but more importantly this sort of designated job segregation was...

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