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Perfect Research Essay

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There is no hope of doing perfect research In 1998, Griffiths observed that there is no hope in perfect research (97). To understand this, one needs to define the terms research and perfect properly. Put in basic terms, research can be defined as the process of probing or rummaging again while the word perfect means a state with no flaws or errors (Chiwa 14). Griffiths argued that the solutions arrived at in any research are not absolute and are subject to change. In my opinion, Griffiths’ assertion holds water, and I unreservedly agree with him. The most common characteristic of a human being is being perfect in imperfection. Put differently, human beings are not perfect. As ...view middle of the document...

I collected data through observation, focus group discussions and sampling, analyzed it and confidently concluded that Proper education is indispensable in management. Every manager who is worth his salt has to be well educated and trained to handle the subordinates. Surprisingly, a similar research conducted by Okerosi showed that education was not imperative in management and favored nature over nurture (Okerosi 38). Apart from that, it dawned on me later that some of the senior and most successful managers were school drop-outs. The difference between the two conclusions makes one wonder where the truth stands. However, the discrepancies could be as a result of differences in samples, respondents or even the environment. Different people have diverse views and, needless to say, one area is totally different from the other. Therefore, no research can be assumed to fit in all areas or apply to different people. On the same vein, each day is different and as such, today’s research cannot be relevant tomorrow. Another research that has demonstrated Griffiths’ statement is one that Sir Charles Darwin conducted more than 150 years ago, and which he titled, ‘On the Origin of Species’. Many people have sat in classrooms trying to cram the theory of evolution; I’m not an exception. I have read about evolution of man from apes with more grief than joy. If the theory of evolution is true, why have human beings not evolved to more developed creatures? Does this theory hold any water? There are a number of scholars who have...

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