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Perfect Position Essay

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Determining your Perfect Position

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Perfect Position Leadership Style Model

It is my privilege to be given the opportunity of determining a perfect position that is best suited to me and to be given a chance to determine the kind of leadership style model that best represents me and the best interests of the organization. Since our company is in a state of expansion and restructuring, a lot of employees are going through mixed feelings of insecurity, apprehension etc. My own leadership style has been to try to have a balance between being a task oriented and a people oriented leader. This ...view middle of the document...

The test of my leadership style would be when the employees would want to follow me out of their own will and not due to any fear or duress. During this time of restructuring and expansion, I would be the change agent whom the employees will be able to trust by taking the following steps:

1. Prepare for Change

2. Communicate

3. Develop a Plan

4. Have a Sponsor

5. Implementation

6. Evaluation

By following these steps, I will successfully be able to make the employees prepare for the change and be more positive towards it as well as determine my perfect position in the organization. Restructuring often means layoffs too; therefore I would be very careful towards reduction in the workforce and the compliance issues which often is inevitable in such a situation.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Leadership Style

My Leadership self-assessment style rated me to be a high task oriented leader and I scored average on the people oriented front. This assessment meant that I have a higher tendency towards getting the job done and in doing so I may sometimes overlook the people part. I did realize that a good transformational leadership would be one who would strive to have a perfect balance between being task oriented and people oriented. Transformational leadership has numerous advantages and the most important ones are as follows:

1. This style works well as it induces self-realization within the employees to want to learn and do better.
2. It works because there is no coercion or threat or duress on the employee to perform better.
3. It works well because the employee becomes self-motivated and has a sense of pride in his organization.
4. It works because it leads to energized, enthusiastic and recharged employees who are open to new challenges and have a high morale.
5. It is very effective because the vision of these leaders is very transparent and clear and they are able to help their employees fulfill the organizational goals with the same with passion and sincerity.
6. This approach helps foster higher levels of commitment within the employees which automatically leads to superior performance.

No one approach can be completely foolproof and some of the weaknesses of this approach are:
1. This approach does not work well in situations where the employee’s skill level and experience prevent them from being motivated and open to new ideas.
2. This approach does not work very well in organizations where there is only routine work done.
3. This is marginally successful if the organizational environment is going through a radical change or is extremely conservative and orthodox.
4. It is a time consuming approach and cannot be used as an instant success formula.
5. It tells us what a transformational leader must do but does not actually describe how to do it.

Comparison of various relevant Leadership Theories

1. Great Man Theories:

These theories believe that the capacity for leadership is...

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