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Perfect Pizzeria Or Not Essay

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Case 6 A: “Perfect Pizzeria, or Not?”

Case 6 A: “Perfect Pizzeria, or Not”
Case Summary
Perfect Pizzeria is located in Southville, Illinois. Each operation has one manager, an assistant manager, and from two to five night managers. Employees were mostly college students, with a few high school students that usually performed less challenging duties. The Perfect Pizzeria system is devised so that food and beverage costs are computed according to a percentage. If the percentage of food unsold or damaged in any way is very low, the manager gets a bonus. The chain manager in the case is forced to make decisions in order to receive his bonus. The chain manager is tasked with trying ...view middle of the document...

It argues that there are five levels of need, and that these are hierarchical, such that lower level needs must be satisfied before higher ones. Maslow's five levels of need (starting with the lowest) are: physiological, safety, social, self-esteem and self-actualization. Neither the staff nor management seems to be dependent on the free food from the pizzeria for human survival as a physiological need. One must satisfy lower level basic needs before progressing on to meet higher level growth needs, but every person is capable and has the desire to move up the hierarchy toward a level of self-actualization. Unfortunately, progress is often disrupted by failure to meet lower level needs. The need for security is also met because of job security in the area because opportunities are limited.
According to Herzberg, hygiene factors cause dissatisfaction among employees in a workplace. In order to remove dissatisfaction in a work environment, these hygiene factors must be eliminated. There are several ways that this can be done but some of the most important ways to decrease dissatisfaction would be to pay reasonable wages, ensure employees job security, and to create a positive culture in the workplace. The manager increasing the work hours to receive free food increases dissatisfaction by employees. The employees figured that the free food was an incentive for them since they are the lowest paid employees at the pizzeria. To them, this was action appeared to be punishment; this is best described with the two factor theory. The need for simultaneous growth, relatedness or existence doesn’t exist in this situation as evident in the ERG theory. The need for the free food doesn’t affect the staff’s existence or satisfy interpersonal relationships. Nor does it promote positive personal growth and development by doing meaningful or high quality work.
Victor Vroom’s expectancy theory holds that the employees perform to the level that they believe will maximize their overall best interests. This theory can be best applied with the manager’s efforts in trying to reduce waste so he can receive the bonus while the lower leveled employees receive nothing in return for low numbers. In the situation when the manager increased the work hours to receive free food, this theory was reversed. The employees as a result performed at a level that decreased the best interests of the company because from a different perspective, the employees are retaliating against the manager at the expense of the company. The equity theory can fit into this scenario later because the employee’s purposely wasted food to increase the numbers because they didn’t view that their outcome was fair in regards to their return of work as compared to the manager. The reinforcement theory offers the most appropriate explanation because the manager tried inflicting punishment to reduce the likelihood of his employees repeating an undesired behavior of wasting supplies.

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