Perception Of Selected Filipino Teenagers In Intramuros, Manila On Their Exposure To Pinoy Big Brother

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Perception of selected Filipino Teenagers in Intramuros, Manila on their exposure to
Pinoy Big Brother

Robles, John Darel Catacutan1
Refugia, Jose Alberto Cabotaje1
Jonalou SJ. Labor2
1AB Communication Arts Seniors, Institute of Communication, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Colegio de San Juan de Letran
2 Faculty, Language Area, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Colegio de San Juan de Letran
Pinoy Big Brother of ABS-CBN Channel 2 is the Philippine version of the reality television ...view middle of the document...

However, there is a lack of qualitative data to either support or disprove this belief. This study thus aims to describe and discuss the pluses, minuses and interests (PMI) of the perception of Pinoy Big Brother to teenagers. Forty selected teenagers who are a fan of the show were the participants of this qualitative inquiry. Initially, the teenagers were made to fill out forms for purposes of profiling their baseline characteristics. The teenagers were asked individually to discuss both their positive and negative perceptions to Pinoy Big Brother. Data gathered were carefully gathered by a repertory grid, thematized via a dendrogram, and a member-checking procedure during data explicitation. The study revealed a “push-up” model typifying the experiences of the respondents relative to the three variables. The effects of PBB to participants surfaced three themes: Over-the-top, Low-key and Attention-grabbing. Over-the-top was emotional, entertaining and engaged. Low-key were divided into four faces: insecurities, stereo-typed, “flirt” and scripted. Attention-grabbing were based on their self-realization, challenges and the teenagers itself. In an ideographic stance, teenagers who watched Pinoy Big Brother feel that there are positive and negative effects that the show gives.
Keywords: Pinoy Big Brother, perception to reality television

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