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Perception And Leisure Time Essay

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Perception and leisure time
This chapter concludes definitions of each research construct are finally described. Literature review is a documentation of a comprehensive review of the published and unpublished work from secondary sources of data in the area of specific interest to the researcher. This chapter explains the literature review, which will address the research question. In order to complete this chapter, sources are taken from journal, books, the internet and some certified prime media. The literature review should bring together all relevant information in a cogent and logical manner instead of presenting all the studies in chronalogical order with the ...view middle of the document...

Empowering students with the knowledge that during their free time they can take personal and positive control of their lives is, therefore, of critical importance. Leisure time is an effective means for the development of mental, physical and moral stamina of individuals and is considered as a factor in the prevention of social distortions provided that enough attention is paid to it from families and governments.
In addition to this, students have many demands on their time, and how they choose to spend that time on any given day depends on a variety of factors, such as the age and the sex of the student. How much time per day, on average, high school students devote to leisure activities, household activities, work, and homework. This research also reveals differences in students’ use of time between weekdays and weekend days.
Throughout undergraduate experience, students make decisions about time and ways to use it. Every day, these young people weigh their schedules deciding...

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