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Perception Essay

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Sensory Perception


Sensory Perceptions
Sensory data is an exploration of collected abilities formed through the senses of observation throughout a person’s life span. The ability to analyze and categorize images, sounds, tastes and touch sparks the likes and dislikes of gathered information. In other words, accuracy and inaccuracy takes form in what a person perceive about the collected data in that moment. Even though, perceptions of information can change at any given time, there is the ability to memorize certain behaviors and information. Furthermore, one simple reason is because as a person evolves, senses are mature enough to form decision based on learned, environmental ...view middle of the document...

Without a doubt, there are different languages of the world, environmental structures and learned behaviors that describes each and every person. What an individual perceive as correct information is only an opinion of how that person view their surroundings. There are more interesting facts concerning the accuracy of sensory data. These known factors are some of many contributions to the way the mind process information. For one, our senses are driven by a need to process more information. For example, a student who only wanted to achieve a bachelor’s degree and have successfully achieved that goal may want to further explore the challenges of a master’s degree. Which leads to, in their minds a higher accomplished goal and knowing or have learned more than before. Two, a person’s ability to determine right or wrong scenarios. Foremost, a complicated situation or decision may come to memory and that sparks a familiar emotion. Such as, a minor car accident( a friend driving while intoxicated) even though it wasn’t fatal the scene of what happened is recorded in memory which determines the next decision about riding with someone who has drank alcohol. Last but not least, relationship cues could be a contributing factor to sensory data. Most likely from learned behaviors or environmental cues but relationships forms a part of an individual. More than likely, two individuals from the same community brings familiarity within the relationship. The senses most associated with these contributing factors are hearing, sight and touch. Overall as the brain develops, senses could evolve or dissolve, depending on environmental or health relations which starts the next paragraph. To think is to analyze, to analyze is to perceive and to perceive is to form gathered information. Memory is apart of that process of perception of what has happened or what is


Sensory Perceptions
happening in the moment. In other words, that perception is varied in different terms and as a recollection of events that has taken place. However, the forms of memory are no more than an experiment and arise from three separate stages. The first and most changeable set...

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