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Innovation within PepsiCo must be nurtured for the company to remain competitive. All employees should be encouraged to collaborate and initiate projects based on available resources. To accomplish this, all employees must have access to current information about inventory, supplies, new products, and research and development. Thus, PepsiCo should implement the PepsiCollab Innovation Portal. PepsiCollab is a virtual destination where the Research and Development department can post updates about products nearing the end of the pipeline. It is also a video conference center where the Distribution managers can compare data about efficiency and strategy. The idea is to give Pepsi employees a mechanism to socialize their work process, discuss problems within the company, and find out ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, the same scientists should not have any role in the marketing or distribution channels. PepsiCollab will be the primary hub for Pepsi workers to team up, or join projects already in motion.
It is best to involve the people who will be affected by a change. Thus, PepsiCollab should be designed by Pepsi’s in-house IT department. Going one step further, the IT department should consult with the managers from Distribution, R&D, Marketing, and all other major divisions. The best architects for the PepsiCollab portal will be the people who use it on a daily basis. Involving a sampling of employees from across all major divisions will allow the IT department to design the portal with all of the features that the employees suggest.
People cannot be forced to change. PepsiCollab’s success, however, is dependent on its popularity. Thus, a bonus-based incentive program should be applied to encourage participation. Money bonuses and awards could be given to the employees who use PepsiCollab to innovate. The best projects could be voted on by everyone in the corporation, thus reaping the benefits of a democratic system. One of these benefits of a voting process could also be to illuminate the most popular projects so that they can be implemented at lightning speed.
Pepsi employees have displayed a willingness to change, even though Wall Street is skeptical. Looking through the political, cultural, and strategic design lens shows that Pepsi is ready for change, but not everyone has the necessary tools. Like in the case of IBM and Dynacorp, willingness to change needs some guidance, but change cannot be forced on employees. PepsiCollab will improve cross-functional links, and empower employee stakeholders to be the change that produce both incremental and disruptive innovation. Pepsi’s future depends on innovation, and innovation depends on PepsiCollab.

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