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Pepsi Co Essay

4896 words - 20 pages

Superior Community

Advanced Diploma in Business


Evaluation of the HRM strategies of
Saudi Snack Foods ltd

Human Resource Management

Level 2

Submitted to: Miss. Amnah Rahat

Prepared by: Aimun Hannan, Ayesha Alvi and Hayfa Khan

Due Date: 22nd March, 2011


"We would like to thank our teacher, Miss Amnah Rahat for giving us this project and for her encouragement, advice and guidance. She has inspired us greatly to work on this project. We are highly ...view middle of the document...

HR Recommendation program……………………20
15. Challenges faced by HRM………………………...21

4. Recommendation…………………………………………...22

1. Executive Summary

The project is about the Evaluation of the Human Resource (HR) strategy on the Saudi Snack Foods Limited (SSFL). Performing Human Resource alignment the organization has to make decisions, for the result they are trying to obtain. By evaluating the HR strategy the organization can accomplish its goals in an efficient and effective way. The research on the HR strategy gave us the information about SSFL, through which we got to know how an organization accomplishes its goals. The organization takes time to recruit and select an employee to save time. They provide Training and Development for the employees to alter there behavior, acquire job related skills, attitudes and knowledge, and gives an end result of learning. Job analysis is a process carried out by SSFL in order to identify the flaws and gaps, and to know what kind of skills, qualification, quality and knowledge are required in an employee of the organization. Next the Job description and job specification of the Project and utilities manager and sales technology supervisor is identified. The flaws and gaps identified early in the job analysis will be reduced by performing the Job Design to improve the job satisfaction and performance. Appraisal Procedure will be carried out by making a decision to promote and increase the salaries of people who deserve it. Employees might be transferred to another function if requested by them. The employees will be hired if the organization is in need and may be fired because of poor performance or if they are not following the policies of the organization. Employees may be suspended instead of being fired because of disciplinary reasons thus they need to follow the Policy guidelines and the rules that are mentioned by the organization. The SSFL's Organizational chart is prepared by the organization showing the relationship among departments and the units of the firm. Personnel files custody, organization and reviews are kept confidential by the HR department. If problems are being faced by an employee they can give an Employee grievance. The employees are encouraged to give their recommendations as well.

2. Introduction

The HRM strategy is designed to help organizations effectively use their people, human capital, and how well they can make daily decision making and plan for the result they want to achieve. The HR strategy supports the SSFL priorities and the objectives lay out in supporting its strategies. SSFL aims to be an organization that will welcome all, diversity is celebrated and individuals from minority groups are not discriminated. The organization tries its best to develop the skills that are needed for success and manages performance effectively.

The strategy is compiled under the following headings:

- Recruitment and...

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