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Pengins Going Poop On Each Other

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Basketball History

By: Jake

Basketball has been played over 100 years and it is one of the most widely played sport in the world. James A. Naismith started basketball in December 1891. He tried to make a sport that would be played between football and baseball seasons. It should be indoors, due to the weather. He made the rules on December 21,1891. Naismith declined the name Naismith ball. A player suggested the name of basketball. Naismith wanted two square crates but the janitor didn’t have any, but he gave him two peach baskets.

Basketball has develop a lot since it’s founding. The first ever basketball game ever ended with a score of 1-0. Before they used a basketball they used a soccerball.They started with peach baskets, cut the bottom, added backboards, then ten years later came the open nets we used today. In the regular ...view middle of the document...

It includes the names of great players,coaches,referees,and people who contributed to the game.

There has been better coaching and new teams now. When they started they were just passing around the ball and cutting to the opponent’s basket, to shooting the ball. Coaches taught their players to get a wide open shot. The best known team was the original Celtics. In the 1930s the NBA went out of business.
College games are different then NBA games. The first ever college game was when Iowa invited students from the University of Chicago to play basketball for an exhibition game. It ended with a score of 15-12 Chicago. The first college games were at Madison Square Garden. Most colleges adapted basketball from 1893-1895.
Basketball has develop since it’s founding. There has been new rules and new teams. Games were different today then the past. College games are different today then the past Basketball is historical and will always be.


Blackall, Bernie, 1956-. Basketball. Des Plaines, Ill. : Heinemann Interactive Library, c1998.Introduces the sport of basketball including its history, rules, equipment, and skills needed to play.

Stewart, Mark, 1960-. Swish : the quest for basketball’s perfect shot. Minneapolis, MN : Millbrook Press, c2009. Aiming for the stars–the history of shooting — Buzzer Beaters–amazing game-winning shots — Sensational scorers–the art of shooting — Longest, shortest, weirdest, wildest–basketball’s most remarkable shots — Fabulous feats–an inside look at scoring — For the record–basketball’s greatest scoring marks — Crystal ball–the future of shooting. Photographs and text describe noteworthy shots from throughout basketball’s history, and includes brief profiles of top-scoring players, such as Michael Jordan, Charlotte Smith, and others.

Websites: … ory.html?tqskip1=1 … _basketball_1.html

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