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Pendragon Book Three Part One Essay

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Preventing the Hindenburg Disaster

Imagine stopping the world’s worst balloon crash. Pendragon the Never War, by D. J. MacHale, is an adventure story about a 14-year-old boy, Bobby Pendragon, who lives in a small town in Connecticut. In the first 150 pages of this book, every once and awhile the point of view switches between Bobby on the planet First Earth, to his friends Mark and Courtney on Second Earth. Thus, it helps the reader to understand the author is writing by analyzing his plot and characterization.

The genre of this book is adventure. Spader and Bobby travel to First Earth, which takes place in 1937, to try to stop a major disaster from happening. They first go to a high end hotel and meet Gunny (a traveler) there. Gunny gives Bobby and Spader a place ...view middle of the document...

Bobby, Spader, and Gunny are working at this party. One of Max’s enemies tries to kill him at the party. Bobby and Spader intervene and save Max from his assassin. As a reward for saving his life, Max tells them that they can have whatever they want. Bobby replies, “We want a piece of the action.” Bobby, Spader and Gunny are trying to learn more about Max working with the Nazis. Max agrees, if they tell one of his enemies (Saint Dane) to back off. Bobby and Spader then go to Max’s enemy to tell him to back off. Saint Dane ends up trying to kill Bobby and Spader with small rockets (fire crackers). Bobby learns that Saint Dane is planning to blow up the Hindenburg.

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« Pendragon Book ReportBook and Pages Meeting for The First Time » The secondary character, Gunny, is a traveler that lives on First Earth. He shows Bobby and Spader around New York City after they first arrive. He gets them a job working at a high end hotel. “You have jobs now. Once people get to know you, you can come and go as you please,” said Gunny. Gunny helps by resolving conflicts such as getting Bobby and Spader a job. Gunny is important because he helps Bobby and Spader try to stop the Hindenburg from blowing up.

Pendragon the Never War, by D. J. MacHale, is an adventure story about a 14-year-old boy who visits the planet First Earth, and finds himself in the middle of gangsters working with Nazis. Gunny is an important secondary character because he helps resolve conflicts. In the first 150 pages of this book the author effectively captivates the reader with adventure and suspense. Pendragon the Never War, is written for 11-18 year olds. Middle school and high school students would love the adventure and mystery. With gangsters and guns all around it is almost impossible to prevent the Hindenburg disaster.

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