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Peer To Peer Shopping Essay

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Ted Bundy
Theodore Robert “Ted” was born on November 24, 1946. His mother lived with her parents, which created a confusing perception in Ted as a kid. He believed his grandparents were his parents and his mother was his older sister. As Ted grew his mom move out and married Johnny Culpepper Bundy. Ted took his stepfather’s last name and so his new name came out to be “Ted Bundy”. Ted Bundy was known for his smartness, charisma, and good persona personality. Many believed he would make it far based how much he was improving in his academic fields, but many did not know what the obscure side of Ted was capable of.
Ted Bundy while growing up would live with confused believes about his own family structure, after his mother married Johnny Bundy; Ted Bundy isolated from his family and did not spend much time with them. In school people knew him as a shy kid. When Ted made it college he met a wealthy girl named “Stephanie Brook”, the reason of ...view middle of the document...

Only twenty women have been tracked down as Ted Bundy’s victims, but it is assumed that he accounts for more than 100 deaths.
As Ted Bundy increased the number of victims, there was a particular case where Ted left a sign of evidence, which tracked him as the murderer. In 1978 a witness reported two victims. No evidence was found at the crime scene, which made it hard to track down to the murderer. Investigators collected blood type, and sperm samples, however they all proved inconclusive. Another piece of evidence was found, that later would be used as the centerpiece for trial. The victim in this case had bite-marks formations on her left buttock and also her breast. This evidence was used against Ted Bundy. Investigators measured and photographed evidence, later taken to a professional forensic dentistry Dr. Souviron. Investigators requested suspect to provide a dental impression to compare with evidence, but Ted Bundy refused, it was done later after officers obtained a search warrant. During court the evidence matched suspected murderer, Dr Souviron explained how unique the indentation marks were outlined and showed how it matched the dental impressions of Ted’s teeth. He also outlined the structure of the alignment, the chips, the size of the teeth and sharpness factors of bicuspid, lateral and incisor teeth. The evidence along with the confirmation of matching to suspect is what brought Ted Bundy and all his killing actions to an end. Ted Bundy was punished with death sentence to an electric chair on 24 January 1989. Ted Bundy’s bite-mark case was the first case in Florida that was concluded with bite-mark testimony and it was also the first physical piece of evidence that liked to Ted Bundy.

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