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Peer Evaluation for: James Nose
Nov. 18, 2010

In the beginning of James’ speech he made a very good connection to the audience by asking who knew what the acronym BMI stood for. He then connected to those members of the audience who may not have known what BMI is, he did this by following up his question with a definition of what Body Mass Index actually is, to clarify. He also did a well job of establishing his credibility by knowing his information thoroughly, and displaying it well to the audience. James did a good job of previewing the content and components of his speech. When listening, this is always something I look for to tell me whether or not the speech can be ...view middle of the document...

I believe the main reason for the lack of eye contact was, he consulted his delivery note cards often. I believe James used a very accessible rate and volume of speech. There were some times, however, when I would find myself perplexed between facts. I believe that if James went at a slower rate, when stating factual evidence, or perhaps restating the fact, it would prove to be an effective technique to his speaking style. For the most part, James has a clear tone of voice. I liked seeing the transitions between the key points of his speech, how James would do little miniature previews of the next topic before actually moving on.

Areas of Strength/Areas for Improvement:
I believe James is very knowledgeable about this topic, and that added a lot to the confidence of this speech, which, for me, was one of the most effective areas of this speech. With that said, I believe James needs to work on things that make distract the attention of the audience and set them off-course, such as the tapping on the sides of the podium. Another area of strength for this speech was the transitions; it was very easy to retain the main points that James intended us to take away. I often found myself relieved that I didn’t have to try to review the topics in my mind, because James was reviewing and previewing the topics. I believe the only other area where James may need work is the area where he is presenting to the audience facts...

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