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Peepal Promotion Project, Implementation Of Inclusive Business In Rural Nepal

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The emerging concept of inclusive business and green economy can be a boon to develop the marginalized indigenous communities in the developing country like Nepal. With the very thought of merging green economy and inclusive business having the taste of ecology, economy and spirituality, the core concept of "Peepal Plantation Campaign 2012" was initiated by Krishnamandir Promotion Children's committee (KPCC). As an initial step to bring Krishna Gandaki on value chain, 108 peepal saplings were planted on the bank of river at Puruswottamdham, Khoriyaghat, Syangja on the occasion of World Environment Day 2012. Moreover, the campaign not being limited only in the tree plantations ...view middle of the document...

Peepal (Ficus religiosa) captures Co2 and gives 02 more efficiently than other plants and is considered as the incarnation of lord Vishnu making it ecologically and spiritually significant.

Krishnamandir on inclusive business concept

Khoriyaghat; a remote village of Syangja nearly about 100 kms away from Pokhara is a home for hundreds of indigenous communities like Majhi (fisherman), Bote (boatman who transport people from one bank to another where there is no bridge) and others. Construction of bridge over the Krishna Gandaki River was a relief for other people but to the poor majhi and bote the bridge snatched their means of bread earning. This left them with the only alternative to sweep towards the gulf countries and those who could not afford to go abroad went to India and some youth migrated to urban cities. Those who were not fit for these alternatives become compelled to a miserable livelihood. A new beginning was necessary for these deprived indigenous people and Bandobasta have attempted to be a hand to pull them out of the dreadful quagmire of poverty and oppression. Establishing Krishnamandir Promotion Committee was the beginning step to bring the Puruswottamdham, Khoriyaghat on spiritual value chain, so that local people could fit on inclusive business.


Bandobasta's dream to bring these houses on value chain

What is Krishnamandir?

Krishna Gandaki is the different river which gives birth to almighty Shaligram. Purans have defined this as a secret pilgrimage. Holy stone ammonite fossils (Saligram) worshipped as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu makes Krishna Gandaki even more sacred. Rare parts of this sacred river flowing from south to north is considered as the most holiest place to listen Bhagawat and doing spiritual functions. It is the natural temple which is far more pious than the man made temples and Bandobasta have tried to establish Krishna Gandaki as the real "Krishnamandir". Positioning Krishna Gandaki as Krishnamandir can help to increase the religious value of the place, attracting spiritual tourists and involve the majhi, bote, kumal, darai in the tourism business.

Krishnamandir Promotion Committee

The slogan of inclusive development and identity cannot itself satisfy the wrath of an empty stomach unless it is converted into inclusive business. Indigenous and marginalized communities cannot step on the development ladder without inclusive market for inclusive business. With this theme, ethical groups including majhi, bote, kumal, darai, had organized to be the member of Krishnamandir Promotion Committee. This committee is focused to develop the village as a spiritual tourism destination that will generate new unexplored earning opportunity for the villagers.

Organizing the Krishnamandir Promotion Children Committee with branch network at four different locations was important achievement since it can help children to bring on the development path who are the most vulnerable ones....

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