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Peel Essay

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1. Your essay’s introduction needs to show that:
• you understand the topic
• you have an opinion about how the topic relates to the text (novel, film etc) Do you agree or disagree? State your contention.
• you can back up you opinion with evidence (mention the main areas/ideas but don’t give details here)

2. The body paragraphs in your essay need to be structured in the following way to ensure your discussion of the essay topic is thorough and effective. Each of the body paragraphs, need to include a:

P = Point. Your topic sentence must contain a major ...view middle of the document...

( My Essay Plan (

Always write topic in full at the top of your page, before you begin your essay


Introduction (restate and respond to the topic with your contention, briefly introduce the text/author and the key points of your argument/discussion)

Paragraph 1 (Point > Explanation > Evidence/Example)
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Link to the topic and then to the next paragraph _________________________________________________________________________

Paragraph 2 (Point > Explanation > Evidence/Example)

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