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Pediatric Incision Care Essay

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Pediatric Incision Care

This paper explores several articles that show results about wound care education research and its effects throughout the world. It also provides information about a case study based on this type of research. The case study included an interview process and a presentation to the client. An important component of this research includes providing education specifically to parents or guardians of the pediatric population which include patients aged from zero to eighteen years of age. Since clients are often unaware of the appropriate interventions following incision care treatments, it is important to discuss and instruct them about the correct methods of ...view middle of the document...

Due to post-operative analgesia, pain, and the patient’s age, the mother, L.V., was interviewed. Since I had followed the patient from the pre-operation through recovery, it was much easier to have a conversation with the mother once J.V. had been in the recovery room for a few hours. J.V. explained that the family consisted of a single-parent family where there were four white, Hispanic individuals living in the household which included the 33-year-old mother and three daughters aged 13, 11, and 8. The mother was the head of the household since, according to her, the father of the children had abandoned them several years ago. Formal roles of the family members included the mother being the sole provider and primary decision maker for the family whereas the children were in charge of attending school and having some household responsibilities including cleaning. When asked about how the family members interacted with each other, L.V. stated that there was much trust among them since she allowed her children to be open about communicating any feelings or thoughts with respect towards one another. L.V. also explained that although the children did not live with their father, they did visit him in Juarez whenever possible.
Continuing with the interview process, I asked L.V. of the ages and any diseases that existed among the immediate family members of J.V. L.V. recalled that the 54-year-old maternal grandmother had type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and high cholesterol. The 57-year-old maternal grandfather had hypoglycemia. L.V. suffered of hypoglycemia as well. The paternal grandparents were about 60 year old, and she did not remember them having any diseases except for the paternal grandfather being a chronic smoker. J.V.’s father, 13-year-old, and 11-year-old were alive and well. J.V. suffered from asthma and hypoglycemia according to L.V. J.V. had a blood glucose test before the procedure on the day of the interview, and her results were within normal limits. In conclusion, J.V.’s hypoglycemia may have been of a genetic component and she was at risk for diabetes mellitus.
L.V. explained that if the family was not at work or school, they were mostly at home together or the children were visiting their father. She also stated that, “We attend church on Sundays when we can, but not always.” When asked about describing anything that currently caused L.V. stress in life she said, “Many things like my divorce, simply being a single mother with three children, having so many financial problems. I even worry about my children’s health or if they experience any bullying at school.” L.V. was asked if she adopted any traits, beliefs, or behaviors other than her own. An example of assimilation that she mentioned included that they all learned to speak English as a second language since they are originally from Juarez, Mexico and their native language is Spanish. Ethnocentrism was heard when she stated that a behavior the family had adopted was...

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