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Ped Outline

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Name: Fernando Gonzalez
General topic: Against legalizing performance enhancing drugs in sports

Specific purpose: I want to persuade my audience in to seeing the reasons why we should not legalize performance-enhancing drugs

Organizational pattern: Topical 


Attention-getter: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, Joe Montana, Kobe Bryant, and many more are all names of athletes written in history to be known as, one of the greatest, a hero, Spectacular, amazing, an Idol and so on. Tumors, osteoarthritis, congestive heart failure, lung cancer, Diabetes, high blood pressure and many more are all names of risks of taking performance enhancing drugs that people are willing to take to be known as, one of the greatest, a hero, Spectacular, amazing, or an Idol

Purpose statement: today, I would like to reveal the ways legalizing performance enhancing drugs would tarnish the future of sports and athletes

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How would you feel if someone broke one of your records on a video game with a cheat code

Transition: Now that we went over some of the effects PED’s have on the past let me explain the effects on the present

I. Legalizing PED’s would lead to more intense sports with bigger, stronger, and faster playing but the cost to all athletes is huge

a. Athletes who do not want to risk the side effects of PED’s will have to just to be able to compete in the sport they love
b. Kids will be using drugs that they do not fully understand the side effects from because they want to be just like the role models they watch
c. There are many unknown long term side effects because it is unethical to do testing on those drugs in such high doses. All we know about PED’s today is from observing illegal PED use

Transition: as you can see using PED’s has extensive risks in the present but the worst part is it may lead to worse things in the future

I. The future is always unknown but legalizing PED’s would be like opening up a Pandora’s box in the world of sports
a. It would not be a race to see who is the best or fastest anymore but a race to see who has the best or fastest drug
b. Companies making these drugs would overflow media with marketing on their drug With the Human element replaced with science, future advances could lead to things as drastic as performance enhancing surgeries
c. No more under dog stories (lance Armstrong)

Transitional Summary: As you can see performance enhancing drugs have to many cons that out way the pros

Summary: it’s true that legalizing PED’s would lead to a more fast pace and intense gameplay, but, that does not out way the fact that you would be basically erasing the accomplishments of our passed, hurting our athletes with horrible side effects in the present, and basically destroying the point of sports in our future.

WOW statement: The whole point of sports competitions is to test the human ability of people, and not the ability of the drug used. What is the whole point of competitions if we will just cheat? I don't believe a guilty victory is better than an honest defeat. For these reasons I say we should not legalize performance-enhancing drugs in sports

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