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Peak Project Essay

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Alaska Fly Fishing Expedition

You are sitting around the fire at a lodge in Dillingham, Alaska, discussing fishing expedition you are planning with your colleagues at Great Alaska Adventures (GAA).Earlier in the day you received a fax from the president of Blue Note Inc.The president wants to reward her top management team by taking them on an all expenses paid fly fishing adventure in Alaska.She would like GAA to organize and lead the expedition.

You have just finished a preliminary scope statement for a project (see below).You are now brain storming potential risks associated with the project

Your Assignments:

1.Brainstorm ...view middle of the document...

Guests are responsible for travel arrangements to and from Dillingham Alaska to home

2. Guests are responsible for their own fly fishing equipment and clothing

3. Local Air transportation to and from the base camp will be outsourced

4. Tour guides are not responsible for the number of King Salmon caught by guests


Peak LAN Project

Peak Systems is a small information systems consulting firm located in Meridian, Louisiana.Peak has just been hired to design and install a local area network(LAN) for the city of Meridian’s social welfare agency .You are the manager of the project, which includes one peak professional and two interns from a local university. You have just finished a preliminary scope statement for the project(see below) . You are now brainstorming potential risks associated with the project

Your Assignments:

1. Brainstorm potential risk associated with this project. Try to come up with at least seven different risks

2. Use a risk assessment form with three of following risk components and give the score

✓ Probability of risk event,

✓ Hideability,

✓ Severity(impact)

3.Develop a risk response plan along with the table

You have following information

Project scope statement

Project Objective

To design and install a local area network(LAN) within one month with a budget of $90,000 for the MeridianSocial Service Agency


• Twenty work stations and twenty laptops

• Server with dual core processors

• Two colorlaser printers

• Windows vista server and workstation operating system

• Four hours of introduction training for clients personnel

• Sixteen hour of training for client network administrator

• Fully operational LAN system

Mile stones

• Hardware Jan 22

• Setting user priority and authorization Jan 26


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