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Peace Keeping In Dafur Essay

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The world is made up of nations or countries with different ideologies and interest. The needs of these nations are varied as indicated by their national interest and values, which leads to conflict situations that require peace between them. According to pirages, “conflict, violence and warfare have been an enduring characteristic of organized societies including nations” it is in realization of the existence of conflicts and wars between or within nations that they often evolve multilateral security arrangements aimed at resolving them.
Conflicts are realities of human interaction. At the early stage of development of society, conflicts were known to have the character of context over ...view middle of the document...

The charter came into force on the 14th of October after the fifty (50) members Nations represented unanimously, adopted the charter of the organization. It was signed on the 20th of June after a majority of the signatory’s deposited their instrument of ratification.
The United Nations charter has four purposes:
1. To maintain international peace and security.
2. To encourage friendly relations among states based on the principle that all nations have equal rights and are entitled to self determination.
3. To promote international cooperation in solving social, economic, and cultural problems.
4. To serve as an agency through which member states can act to achieve these goals.
The United Nations charter designated six (6) principal organs of the new World organization: The Security council, the general assembly, the secretariat, the economic and social council, the trusteeship and the international court of justice.
The one that is more important to this study is the Security Council. It is composed of five permanent members who are: China, France, Russia, Great Britain and the United States of America. The council has ten (10) non-permanent members elected by the general assembly for a two year term and not eligible for immediate re-election.
The Security Council is the hub of the organization and it was accorded extensive powers to preserve international peace and security. The council investigates disputes and recommends means of settling them peacefully. The Security Council was designated to put teeth into the principle of collective security. The United Nation has a firm commitment to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war which had twice traumatized humanity. Among the ways available to United Nation for peace for the containment of conflicts and restoration of peace is the organization and conduct of peace-keeping operations
With the above insight about the United Nations operations, it will be paramount to note that, there is no any defined central United Nations army or force which is saddled with the responsibility of maintaining peace in conflict zones. The finances and the forces (military) needed to run the affairs of the organization and a successful peace keeping operation is gotten through contributions by member states. Nigeria has participated in peace-keeping operations to maintain peace and security in conflict zones in Africa and around the world.
The peace keeping missions of wars and conflict in Darfur and Africa at large has been a subject of significant concern to the international community to cut down conflict in Africa and the rest of the World. The ability of the united community to cut down conflict in Africa and Darfur has been questioned. Without peace, there cannot be development humanly and materially. So no Government can ignore conflict, this is why we need peace in Africa and Darfur as a case study to also see the role played by Nigeria in the peace keeping process in Africa. ...

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