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Peace Corps Essay

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Peace Corps presentation Draft
Nancy Shin-Lan chang 4C Listing&Speaking
1.A Story of someone be helped by Peace Corps
Image that you are a Young Asia Dancer who goes to American to share your traditional culture at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival as your first time in United States. Think about what a wonderful experience this could be, you could have…..
To train skilled foreign volunteers and send them to foreign countries which need help in all parts of industries is what Peace Corps do. The Peace Corps' mission has three simple goals:
* Helping the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women.
* Helping promote a better understanding ...view middle of the document...

” From the website:
3.How can people help Peace Corps
University or graduates school students can help needed country by volunteering in educations, business and information , communication technology, agriculture and environment etceteras. The volunteers are ninety percent who have college degrees However, if you don’t have a four year university degree. With your associate degree combined plus 3-5 work full-time work experience in business, agriculture, construction, information and communication technology, youth development, or nonprofit organizations. You still have eligible serve as a volunteer. Peace Corps also welcome citizens whose age over 50.
Start your Application process website:>Learn About Volunteering->Start Your Application Process
Web Link:
4.Why you should help Peace Corps.
There are three parts of benefits that you can get once you help in Peace Corps
* The first benefit is about dollars, you can get transition funds about USD 7,427 (pre-tax after you complete your 27 months of service). Having free travel, Peace corps will pay for the travel expenses. Living Allowance: a monthly stipend to cover living and housing expenses. Receive free Medical and Dental serve and health insurance(up to 18 months service) .
* Second, a career builder benefit. Peace Corps provides training in a foreign language,...

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