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Peace Building Essay

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Question 9
Was Susana right to ignore Evelyn’s prejudice for so long?
Susana was wrong to ignore Evelyn’s prejudice for so long because ignorance creates and exacerbates fears which in turn may lead to further accumulation misunderstandings and prejudice build up.

Question 10
What third side roles are being played in Maren and what roles still needs to be filled
The third side roles that are being played in Maren are:
Mike Green Mayor (The Provider)
Mike enables people to meet their needs by sharing resources and knowledge between the various community groups in Blue River. As well as giving a sense of sense of security by his determination to end the violence in Maren. In ...view middle of the document...

b. In doing so one must be factual and use “I messages” rather than “you” statements
3) Be respectful.
c. This is achieved by acknowledging the other’s point of view and position. Also affirm that you’re committed to working through the issue to the best possible solution.
4) . De-personalize.
d. This can be achieved by clearly separating the problem from the people involved. State the problem, externalize it, and work together to resolve it
5) Listen carefully, rather than rehearsing your counter-argument in your mind, engage yourself fully in understanding the other’s perspective, needs, and interests. Ask open-ended questions; use active listening techniques to clarify what you’ve heard.
6) Be tentative.
e. Use language that indicates your openness to other perspectives such as “maybe or it seems like”
7) 8. Be strategic.
f. Think clearly and stay focussed on goals. Look beyond the surface conflict for underlying issues. Recognize what is, and isn’t, in your control to change. Also reflect on what you have to offer the other...

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