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Pe Course Work Essay

930 words - 4 pages

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Private Advertising costs Team Caldene rider Ellen Whitaker explains the importance of approaching a course of show jumps safely and correctly
Monday 18 May 2009

Riding A Show Jumping Course

Jumping a course of fences is all about ...view middle of the document...

To avoid him building up small habits one idea is to start the course again.

Always jump a couple of warm up fences from both directions before you go onto jumping round a course, make sure he is going nicely and is well-balanced with a good rhythm.

Approaching The Fence

The approach to a fence includes not only the line taken to it, but also the way in which the horse arrives at the fence for take-off.

The line must be straight, and should be at right angles to the fence and directed to the centre of the fence itself. Only when your horse has advanced will you come across courses which may demand a jump from a different angle.

I always think of it a bit like driving a car- always look ahead, not at the steering wheel. Look ahead of the fence, and where you want to go next. Don’t look down or you will lose forward movement and wander off the line.

If your horse is straight then his hind legs are following the track of his forelegs, his hips are lined up with his shoulders and his head and neck are in front of you in a straight line.

Keep the feel on both reins even at all times and make sure your horse is equally active in both legs so he sits in the canter and pushes up. This will give him the power to jump well without over-stressing him and his back.

Seeing The Stride

The ability to judge distance is vital in jumping. You need to get your horse to a suitable place before the fence to jump, and the first way to help find the right spot is by looking at the canter.

If the canter is good and you have forward...

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