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Pdj Of Specific Teaching Session Essay

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Specific teaching session
06. 05. 2010

PEL 2.2 Establish and maintain a positive learning environment

TPP 2.3 Use and justify a range of inclusive activities and resources, including new and emerging technologies, to promote and maintain an inclusive learning environment

PEL 2.2
During this session, I used a kinaesthetic starter at the beginning of the session to make the learners aware of how distraction affects learning. I also linked this to their future profession and the learners could relate to it and discuss how inattention could affect their performance at work and they also recognised the consequences it may have.

TPP 2.3
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I used it to add variety to the teaching and as supporting document. This use of ICT in the session was also meant to allow the affective domain of the learners to be touched and create a feeling of appreciation by learners.
The tactile and kinaesthetic activities which were done in pairs, trios and in the group as a whole gave all learners the opportunity to participate. There was one learner who was concerned about her lack of background knowledge for one of the activities (playing cards). Through individual support I made sure that she was included and could take part in the session.

What did I learn?
During this session it was evident that there was a good student-teacher and student-student relationship. Mutual respect was evident and this was shown in the rapport between individuals. The learners were relaxed and it was evident that pair work had important affective consequences, including a reduction of anxiety (Von Glasersfeld, E. (Ed.); 1991). The reduction of anxiety was esp. clear in T. who has difficulties working in pairs.
According to Petty (2009), a rapport was evidently established in this group as ‘the psychological barrier’ which stops students to take part in discussions, asking questions or asking for help was non-existent. This effects students’ motivation and classroom management. He also states that all the learners want is an effective teacher who is approachable, has a genuine interest in their learning and who manages the classroom well.

The combination of group work, pair work and trios with discussion, kinaesthetic and tactile activities was proof of multiple representations.
Petty (2009) states that multiple representations include learners with different learning styles...

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