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Payroll System Essay

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1. What are you doing?

I will be developing a system that will be a Mobile-Based Prototype Security System. Input will be a certain code and scan (maybe a thumb-scanner). Process will be the system per se, and the output will be an alarm, and reporting to the owner regarding the code that was used to open the certain and to what certain area it happens.

Below is the Input-Process-Output diagram of my system too further explain my what will my system will be.

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But the main goal for this system is to help the owner especially the user to determine the intruder of the establishment,. It will then establish a security system in order to eliminate or lessen the “inside job”. It will also assist the owner to facilitate the user of the system.

3. What is the new about your project?

Since it is a security system, each user will have code access and a user level access, scanner to be more secured and an alarm whenever there are intruder to an establishment. The mobile also has an ability to activate and deactivate the system.

4. Significance of the study?

It will be more remarkable to the user, since it is a security system. It will be an aid to trap and determine the intruder. Remarkable contribution will be the owner/user can detect to what certain area the intruder enter and what access code it uses.

5. How do you plan to accomplish the system?

The proposed system will used the Rapid Application Development and Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. Using Free Open Source System software, integrating to complete the study.


Scan Code


Report to the Owner


Prototype Security System




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