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Paxil Essay

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INTRODUCTION This is a study to see the effect of paxil (paroxetine) on two groups of volunteer subjects that were diagnosed with social phobia. Social phobia or anxiety disorder is a major fear of being embarrassed in a social settings or performance situation The condition is characterized by chronic, exaggerated tension and worry that interferes with daily functioning for at least six months.Suffers feel that their being observed and evaluated by others. Many research studies have been done to measure the effect of paxi l(paroxetine) on those suffering social phobia.Paxil is a selective seratonin reuptake that helps correct the chemical imbalance that associated with social anxiety.In this research I predict that paxil's ...view middle of the document...

The subject are observed and assessed on the level of their fear, avoidance of performance in a social situation. Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS). A questionnaire that lists many of the situations and events that casuses anxiety, and measure the level of anxiety and avoidence of subjects. Patients also keep a daily diary describing how they are feeling.This method is non-experimental approach. The subjects self report, and performance on social anxiety test is what provides the data.RESULTS For those patients who were in the control group, their level of anxiety remained the same. The group that were given the vitamin tablets reported slight improvement but eventually the anxiety went back to the previous level. The group treated with paxil reported a significant improvement within a period of five weeks. They reported an increase in the number of social events attended and lack of anxiety/embarrassment when performing in front of others.There scores was significantly lower on the the leibowitz scale.DISCUSSION The experiment used a quntative research method. Experiment was not done in a lab setting. Subject were sent outside to venture on their own and were evaluated in accordance to their self report. Besides being tested with the Leibinez anxiety scale.It is a null hypothesis, because the experiment research went on to disprove what we was predicted that paxil does help patients recover and cope because it acts as a placebo.Paxils effectivness was vindicated through the placebo effect resulting from using the vitamin tablets. Subjects reported slight change but continued to suffer after the placebo effect wore off. Those using paxil meanwhile

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