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Paul Simon Essay

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Paul Simon accomplished a great deal during the 1970's. Many thought his career was over after the break-up of "˜Simon and Garfunkel' in early 1970. Simon proved them wrong by adding teaching and film making to his impressive list of feats. He also created a string of top-10 hits over the decade, and toured extensively to promote his albums. In the end, Simon and Garfunkel were together again, when they united to perform a concert in NY. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel parted ways in what seemed to be the peak of their career. Touring endlessly had begun to take its toll on the duo. Garfunkel had been interested in acting for some time. He was offered the leading role in the film ...view middle of the document...

Simon completed his Greatest Hits album. Simon closed the decade by going back to his old friend, Garfunkel, for a concert at Central Park in New York. The concert was released on both video and cassette as Simon & Garfunkel- The Concert in Central Park. The articles and texts that I read were quite similar in nature. The online biographies from Rolling Stone and outlined the life of Paul Simon . The Rolling Stone article focused more on the actual albums that he put out, which makes sense, as it is a music magazine. It was really helpful to read about his background, because it gave me an idea of where I wanted to go with my topic. The biography focused on how he got to where he is today, with focus on the music companies and heavy hitters that helped him along the way. The biography was a lot more helpful to me than the Rolling Stone article was. Both of the books were very helpful. They provided in-depth information on Simon, and also talked about Simon and Garfunkel. The book Paul Simon-Now and Then answered many of the questions I had on why the duo broke up. This was the first biography ever published on Simon, so it was lacking a lot of information. It only traced Simon's life until early 1973. The most resourceful feature of the book was the appendix. It covered each Simon and Garfunkel album, including track lists and dates. The most helpful book I read was Paul Simon-Still Crazy After All These Years. It was written thru 1988, so it contained a lot of the information that was left out in Now and Then. It...

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