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Patton Fuller Community Hospital's Structure And Functional Relationships Contribute To Its Success

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital's Structure and Functional Relationships Contribute to Its Success

In this paper,I plan to analyze the reasons for Patton-Fuller Community Hospital's existence and organizational structure and identify the company's collaboration process and the roles of key stakeholders in order to achieve organizational goals. The results of each areas responsibility needs to contribute to the achievement of the company's outcomes and results, helping the company move towards the chosen strategic path. Moreover, I will provide an example of the use of lateral collaboration and vertical collaboration within the organization, and prepare an action plan to use lateral and ...view middle of the document...

Organizational Structure:
An organizational structure spells out the roles and reporting structure between employees at different positions in an organization. Organizational structures facilitate organizations working as cohesive social entities and, thereby, helping the organization realize and reach its goals. There are five basic primary organizational structures, which include (1) functional, (2) geographic, (3) divisional, (4) matrix, and (5) product team. (Pierce-Robinson, 2004)A functional structure is a group of people put together because they hold similar positions in an organization, perform a similar set of tasks, or use the same kind of skills. (Organization, 2009)
A functional structure best suits Patton-Fuller Community Hospital because the company requires well-defined skills and focus on areas of specializations. Organized around clinical and administrative functions, Patton-Fuller divides tasks in order to develop the highest level of efficiency. The clinical functions at Patton-Fuller include radiology, the pharmacy, labs, ER's and OR's, wards, ICU's, Drs. Personnel offices and outpatient examining rooms. In addition, the administrative functional areas at Patton-Fuller include IT, admitting/discharge, HR, facilities, hospital sr. management and finance. (Patton-Fuller Community Hospital, 2006)
One advantage of a functional structure is that it enables the employees and personnel at Patton-Fuller to concentrate on one aspect of their necessary work based on the division of specific tasks into functional specialties. One disadvantage of the functional structure is that it promotes narrow specialization and functional rivalry or conflict. However, the implementation of effective coordination of the function units will limit Patton-Fullers issues and help avoid limited perspectives and differences in priorities. It is critical that the CEO insure that there are programs implemented that increase team planning and enhance coordination in order to facilitate understanding across functional areas. (Pierce-Robinson, 2004)
Collaboration Process:
Patton-Fuller Community Hospital must set objectives in order to obtain organizational goals set out for the hospital. One of the more pressing issues or goals Patton-Fuller must obtain is the goal to set out to be a safe hospital. The need for gas cylinder safety is at the top of this safety concern. In this case, the emergency management for healthcare facilities involves elements of alleviation, attentiveness, reaction, and resurgence. The objectives in order to obtain these goals should consider things such as suitability and sufficiency of physical facilities, organizational structures, personnel, and communication systems (UOP, 2009).
A detailed sequence of steps or objectives taken to obtain a certain result can define an action plan. An action plan generally includes steps, milestones, and measures of progress, responsibilities, assignments and a time line of events that aide...

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