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Patient With Hypertension Essay

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Hypertension is diagnosed by having a blood pressure of 140/90 or above, this may sound like a simple diagnosis but high blood pressure is a very serious condition. Hypertension is also known as the silent killer due to its limited and quiet symptoms yet deadly aftermath, it puts a person at high risk for heart disease and stroke by damaging your arteries. According to the CDC (2010), Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S. and stroke is number four. Hypertension also damages your kidneys after time; this may lead to kidney failure and require kidney transplant or dialysis down the line. Hypertension is nothing to overlook, it is a severe issue that must be addressed. ...view middle of the document...

She was not even aware of how much of an issue her hypertension was. The patient claimed to have “O.K.” blood pressure, but her chart showed a history of high blood pressure and a current blood pressure of 148/96. The patient also presented with imbalanced nutrition: more than body requirements related to lack of knowledge of relationship between diet and disease process. She fits this diagnosis due to the fact that she had limited knowledge on the disease. She was completely unaware of how her diet affected her hypertension. Her diet was continuing the progression of her uncontrolled hypertension and she needed some teaching about dietary changes in order to help her gain control. She expressed readiness to learn and told me she was concerned about her future if she does not get some help.
The needs of the patient were identified by assessment of patient’s health through verbal discussion and also by reviewing her history. I discussed with the patient her dietary intake on a normal day and she seemed to know a lot about diabetic precautions for her diet but nothing related to her hypertension. She also told me that she rarely engages in exercise, she is retired and lives a mostly sedentary lifestyle. The patient’s blood pressure was not being managed and was not even addressed as an issue to the patient. Patient goals and outcomes were established after fully assessing the patient’s health and needs. These outcomes are to be completed by time of discharge in order to give the patient the ability to gain control of her health and learn the dietary needs that will help her to do so.
The patient will understand the dietary guidelines for the DASH diet. She will be able to repeat back to me how much sodium is allowed per day with the DASH diet and will also verbalize some of the ways that she can reduce her sodium intake. She will name some foods that she should try to incorporate into her diet and also some that she should avoid. She will understand the importance of exercise and how much exercise she should get every week. The patient will verbalize understanding and give examples of some exercises that she can do at home. Upon discharge the patient will state that she is ready to incorporate this teaching when she goes home and that she feels comfortable with her knowledge of the DASH diet. She will identify her support system and update them on her new dietary guidelines when she gets home. She will have a pamphlet to take home with her in order to recall any information that she may forget.
Therapeutic Nursing Interventions
The first intervention I took was to identify a good time to sit down and talk to the patient. “Providers are encouraged to use teachable moments during client visits to offer information on health promotion and prevention behaviors such as healthy nutrition, exercise, and weight management (Ackley & Ladwig, 2011, p.509).The patient expressed the feeling that she was...

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