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Patient & Health Procedures Essay

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Hazard materials are solids, liquids, or gases that can harm people, other living organisms, property, or the environment. They are often subject to chemical regulations. (, DGR) Hazardous materials exposures and chemical terrorism presents an unusual mechanism of injury. Patients exposed to hazardous materials must be decontaminated. If a patient is not decontaminated, the hospital emergency department and other patient can be exposed. (Mass Causality and High Impact Command, page 99)
Are you aware of any procedures that should be taken when It comes to decontamination within the health and medical services? There are several essential steps that will be discussed pertaining to Health and Medical Services.
First step that will be discussed is Control.
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“Many of the local hospitals will not be able to treat exposed victims without consultation with medical experts from other parts of the State or country.”(, Medical Services)
After you have found out if any of the medical facilities know how to retrieve necessary data you will need to Test procedures for providing hospitals with information on the number of victims, types of injuries and contamination involved, and estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) of emergency vehicles to allow adequate preparation by the hospitals. (, pg. 27)
Then, after you have finished testing the different procedures for providing hospitals with information, you will need to use (PCCs) as another source of health hazard, diagnostic, and treatment information and as a dissemination point for information to the general public. The Exercise design should test the ability of on-scene personnel to communicate with the Center and the other way around. (, Medical services)
Finally, a very important task is to protect medical personnel from exposure to high concentrations of hazardous materials because of vaporization from contaminated clothing of victims in enclosed spaces such as ambulances or treatment rooms. For example, demonstrate providing personal protective equipment to medical personnel caring for victims in the ambulance. Medical personnel need to be familiar with and able to work in various levels of protection as needed. Consider the use of materials that are very odorous but safe to simulate actual hazardous materials.(

Enclosing, there are many procedures that should be taken when It comes to decontamination within the health and medical services which are not limited to the following that was discussed Control, Notify, Test and protect.

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