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Patient Education Assessment Essay

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September 30, 2013


Patient Education Assessment Document : Discharge Instructions For Care is used at our geriatric rehabilitation and long term care facility. This document is used when discharging residents. The instructional document has seven sections, all of which have areas that have blanks that require information in the fields that pertain to the resident individually. The document begins by asking for basic information like name, room number, ...view middle of the document...

The rehabilitation part of the facility has an average age of 55. The long term part of the facility has an average age of 71. The average income is $12,500. The average literacy rate is 12th grade. The average literacy rate for the rehabilitation part is 11th grade. It is difficult to estimate the nursing home part , as there is a great deal of demented individuals, but the individuals that remain cognitively intact is 8th grade. The information is not directly understandable for this community according to the above information provided by our facilities’ business and admissions offices. According to Choi, J. (2013), “Reading and understanding these instructions is especially difficult for older adults with low-literacy skills (i.e. sixth grade or lower reading level) because (1) written text alone is not suitable for presenting lengthy, complex discharge instructions with multiple actions and (2) the text of discharge instructions is frequently written at the ninth grade level or higher”. Since some of the information has to be hand written, that poses another hindrance to the understanding of discharge instructions (Foust, 2011).
Upon analyzing the community findings to the SMOG score of the document and...

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