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Patient Care Essay

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Patient Care
How to talk to patients as well as helping patients understand how to comprehend what may be wrong with them is important in the medical field. Doctors tend to give the specific terminology that many patients do not understand, whereas nurses are the ones who explain what the doctor has said in simpler terms. Another discourse that can be included in the nursing profession is the ability to communicate with patients directly and to comfort patients as well as their family and friends. Nurses must be alert and quick to respond because they are usually the first people in a patient’s room. By building responsive relationships with patients one will gain the respect, trust and ...view middle of the document...

There are certain regulations that control what can be shared outside of the patient’s room. A person must value the desires of patients who do not want certain information shared unless it is information that would put others at risk of serious harm or death.5 Patient confidentiality is an important discourse in the profession of nursing because of the personal information that is shared between a patient and his or her nurse. Patient confidentiality is important in all health care facilities and a nurse should know the proper ways in how everything is documented as well as who is authorized to view those documents. Not only should a nurse know the appropriate ways of where to put documented information, but a nurse should also be familiar with the hygiene required in heath care facilities.
Proper Hygiene
Hospital acquired infections are some of the leading causes of illnesses in today’s world. It is important to know the proper hygiene in caring for patients. Bacteria such as Staphylococcal aureus, commonly known as Staph infections, can by transmitted very easily from direct contact. Staph infections are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. A new known “super bug”, called MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureaus), has been known to take more American lives each year than the AIDS virus; that is 19,000 people each year.6 The most important aspect when it comes to proper hygiene is hand washing. It is crucial for nurses to wash their hands each time they enter and exit a patient’s room. Hand washing is the best habit a nurse can get into. It is one of the many helpful routines in preventing the spread of MRSA.7 There are also many other helpful ideas when it comes to the prevention of spreading infection. These ideas need to be known by nurses everywhere no matter if they are working in a hospital, nursing home, or even in schools.
In an interview with a registered...

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