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Patagonia Essay

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Patagonia, Inc. 
If you are an outdoorsman, then I don’t have to tell more about Patagonia. Yes, they are a successful brand name in worldwide markets. It was founded by a rock climber named Yvon Chouinard. His love of nature and his dissatisfaction over some rock climbing equipment, lead the way for his innovative creativity. He created or let’s say modified the existing rock climbing equipment in terms of nature friendliness, efficient and reliability, thus founding Chouinard Equipment, Ltd. It had an estimated 80% of the U.S. markets during the 1960’s. Besides this, he also started focusing on the clothing line of quality outdoor clothes and named it Patagonia, Inc. All the Patagonia ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, to better manage their company on both financial sector and human factor, they implemented the process called “the workforce process”, which was already in existence in their mail order department. 
The workforce process consisted of four factors. They are: 
1) Making every department’s and the corporation’s plan visible to all employees, 
2) Making monthly department and corporate financial and operating reports visible to all employees, 
3) Investing substantial time and resources to train every employee in financial management so that they would understand the information made available to them, and 
4) Encouraging all employees to become actively involved in the planning and operating review processes. 
The very goal for this process is to help employees understand their very role within the strategy of the company, to encourage them in sharing each-others resources and objectives and put them into consideration while planning, and finally, give them enhanced sense of control over their destiny. A very humbling process towards their employees but it is not without drawbacks. Some embraced it and some resented it. 
Many managers resented the fact that this “Workforce Process” will give reduce their controlling and decision making power. This completely reduces the leverage power of the department mangers that I believe is one of the best tool to rightly manipulate your employees to achieved his/her departments targets. This made few managers not to believe in the process as a whole, which also had a negative impact on the employees because they did not believe in it to participate at all. It will also weaken the company’s security systems by declassifying all the information to all their employees, who possibly could be a rival corporate spy. The process was also very costly. This process required lots of paperwork, took lots of time and efforts from each individuals involved, and to keep up with the process and also monitor them, there were intensive meetings of workgroups and subgroups. 
There were also other concerns such as, in...

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