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A Young Man’s Pursuit of Love
“The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” is a pastoral poem that is simple yet idealized. This poem was written by Christopher Marlowe who was an English dramatist. Marlowe is considered to be the father of English tragedy. Christopher Marlowe was the eldest son of a shoemaker and was born on February 6, 1564.
Through the entire poem the speaker, who is a shepherd, wants a woman character to come live with him. The speaker goes on to ask her to sit on rocks, and spend time with him. The speaker will make his love gifts and do anything to please her if she will just come live with him. The speaker, form, use of poetic elements, ...view middle of the document...

This poem has artificial language, and the shepherd spoke just like a man who was only really interested in “spending time” with this woman. Marlowe added sexuality, and created his own tone in the poem. The tone of "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love" suggests the pastoral tradition. The shepherd asks the woman to imagine an ideal life that is impossible and ridiculous. In exaggerating and creating these fictional ideas, Marlowe creates a pastoral image of fantasy.
The poetic elements of “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” relate to some human senses. Seeing the shepherds feed their flock appeals to the sense of sight. Fragrant posies appeal to the sense of smell. This poem appeals to the human senses so that it appeals to the reader. “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” combines images and involves song like images to the reader.
The overall theme of “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” is, in my opinion, love and innocence. This poem celebrates the passion that young people think they have for others, but in reality they are just curiously looking for love. This poem is a carpe diem poem. The shepherd wants his love to “seize the day” and come live with him. As was stated...

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