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Passionate Photography Essay

2337 words - 10 pages

Passionate Photography
Group C
MGMT404 Project Management
Devry University Online

October 25, 2012


Executive Summary: 3
Scope Statement: 3
Goal Objective: 3
Project Deliverables: 3
Milestones: 4
Project Success Criteria: 5
Budget: 5
Reporting Structure of Team Members 6
Work Breakdown Structure: 7
Risk Management Plan 8
Communication Plan 11
Conclusion/Recommendations: 12
References: 13

Executive Summary:

The owner of Passionate Photography would like to launch her business in the spring of 2013. With a working capital of $50,000.00 through personal investment, and savings, she has the background in photography and the experience in the ...view middle of the document...

Project Deliverables:
This project will deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy that will allow Passionate Photography to grow and sustain profits. This project will assist in gaining an understanding of the business model along with guidelines for business suggestions. This plan will set the foundation to allow the company to grow financially to order to reach its long term goal of opening a retail studio.
Milestone | -------------------------------------------------
Date |
Purchase equipment | -------------------------------------------------
10/1/2012-10/31/2012 |
Build portfolio | -------------------------------------------------
10/29/2012-12/20/2012 |
Design Packages/Services | -------------------------------------------------
11/1/2012-11/15/2012 |
Advertising/Publish Marketing Materials | -------------------------------------------------
12/19/2012 |
Networking | -------------------------------------------------
2/7/2013 |
Launch Website | -------------------------------------------------
11/12/2012 |
Survey | -------------------------------------------------
12/11/2012 |
Opening Passionate Photography | -------------------------------------------------
4/1/2013 |

Limits and Exclusions:
* Digital Copies and copyrights for all photos are available for 13 months from the date of event. All photos can either be purchased or they will be discarded.
* Deposits are non-refundable and due at time of signing contract
* Payment is due in full 3 days prior to the event
* Passionate Photography will travel up to 50 miles; additional mileage will incur a travel fee
* Passionate Photography will not take nude, pornographic, violent, or hateful photos

Customer Review:
Passionate Photography will conduct a customer satisfaction review that will provide feedback, suggestions, and promote future correspondence with existing customers. The survey will also include coupons that will incentivize customer referrals. The goal is to maintain existing customer accounts, promote new business, and develop a referral program that benefits both firm and patron.
* Existing customers that refer a new customer will receive 40 free post cards
* A customer satisfaction review / survey will be emailed to all customers. Customers who reply will be entered into a contest for a free photo session.
* Existing customers that refer a new customer for a wedding, sporting event,...

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