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Passage Analysis Techniques Of Persuasion

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Passage 6 – In Defense of Astrology

1[Astrology needs to be taken more seriously as an art and science that can contribute to human well-being.] 2[A great deal of evidence points to the truth of astrology.]

3[Astrology has been practiced for over six thousand years], and 4[millions of people have based their lives and life choices on it.] 5[Until the eighteenth century, astrology was even used as a form of medical diagnosis.] 6[Its diagnoses and prescriptions were considered at the time to be far more reliable and efficacious than those of the medical practitioners of the time.]

7[Since the middle of the twentieth century, countless scientific studies that have ultimately ...view middle of the document...

] Again, 19[this supports the basic claims of astrology.]

Clarifying Claim 1

Claim 1: The word art is used to describe what astrology should be considered. Art can have several meanings which complicate this claim. Art can be considered “work that is produced by human creative skill and imagination”. This definition of art does not fit with what the passage is trying to achieve. Therefore it is likely that in this context, the author is referring to “art” as a skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice.

Main Argument and Synopsis

Astrology should be taken more seriously. There are five key reasons that outline the truth of astrology. First, astrology has been used for over six thousand years and was historically considered to be more accurate than medical professionals. Several scientific studies have been conducted to support astrological findings. Several yearly predictions that were made astrologically have been known to come true with a high success rate. Additionally, astrologers use a twelve-sign system to analyze individual personality traits, one study on these predictions held a 96% accuracy rate. Lastly, some psychologists today have taken to using astrology as a diagnosis tool and to treat their clients. These clients responded positively to their treatment.

Main conclusion: A great deal of evidence points to the truth of astrology

Separated Arguments

The passage “In Defense of Astrology” presents five arguments for the conclusion that astrology should be considered a truth.

Argument 1

The “since the beginning” argument asserts that astrology should be considered a truth because it has been used for over six thousand years and our ancestors used to make life choices and medical diagnoses using astrology.

1. Astrology has been practiced for over six thousand years.
2. Millions of people have based their lives and life choices on it.
3. Until the eighteenth century, astrology was even used as a form of medical diagnosis.
4. Its diagnoses and prescriptions were considered at the time to be far more reliable and efficacious than those of the medical practitioners of the time.
∴ Astrology should be considered a truth

→ This argument is non-deductive because the conclusion does not necessarily follow the premises, even if the premises were true.
→ This argument is based on what was historically accepted and relies on the fact that historically people accepted astrology so they should do it in the present as well.
→ The argument would be better presented if they weighed some of the reasons why astrology is no longer as widely practiced.

Argument 2

The “we studied” argument asserts that several scientific studies have been conducted to support that there is truth to astrological claims.

→ This is an inductive argument. Even if all premises are true where the studies were conducted. It is still possible that...

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