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Passage Analysis

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April 8. 2011
The Will to Survive
“Life of a lifeboat isn’t much of a life”. The stakes are as followed: life or death. Pi’s life on the lifeboat is far from glorious. He has no luxuries, no activities to participate in and no obscure signal or rules to follow aside from his religious guidelines. Life on the lifeboat for Pi leaves him facing many dangers—Richard Parker, sharks, starvation/dehydration, aggressive wave currents etc—his only choice is to fight for survival or give up and die. Evidently, Pi chooses to fight for survival. Life on the lifeboat is compared to an endgame in chess meaning that most of the game has been played out and the majority of the chess pieces have ...view middle of the document...

Pi realizes that only death can
consistently excite your emotions (Martel, 217). While Pi may fear death, and that there is no substantial reason to continue gaining hope, he finds ways to strengthen his will to survive such as turning to religion and for example when he states, “You get your happiness where you can. You reach a point where you’re at the bottom of hell, yet you have your arms crossed in a smile on your face, and you feel you’re the luckiest person on earth. Why? Because at your feet you have a tiny dead fish” (Martel 217).
This quote also expresses the theme of the importance of storytelling. Martel leaves us with the image of someone at the bottom of hell to feeling like the luckiest person on earth. This is a great example of an author using imagery to capture his readers. Also, Martel captures his readers with the metaphor of comparing the lifeboat to an endgame of chess. Martel’s gift allows us to realize that Life of Pi is a story within a story, and through this quote readers...

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