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Participant Empowerment Essay

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Participant Empowerment

August 27, 2013

Participant Empowerment
In reflecting on my internship at the Simonka Place I feel that it is going well. The first couple of days I was feeling insecure and very nervous answering the phones. I knew what I was to say, but the words kept getting tangled together. By the third day they had be on the phones completely alone as the other girls supervised me. I began to get more confident as time went on. The one difficulty I do need to work on is to learn everyone’s names, so that when someone calls for them I know which page button to push.
Definition of Weekly Core Competency
This week’s core competency is participant empowerment, empowerment is the goal that is set for the client’s we are trying to help. ...view middle of the document...

When they come to the Simonka Place they have no power within themselves at all. This is where the caseworkers come in and help them to get turned around. Each client that comes in has the choice to choose whether they want to do the program that is there for them that will help to empower them so that their life’s can be meaningful.
While sitting at the front desk, a new client came up to me, she had just came in and looked so afraid. She shared that this was the very first time she had been on her own, and that she was really scared. I shared with her that she wasn’t alone that she had a great group of dedicated women that give so much to helping women in need. I asked her did she decided to do the 6 months program, she said she did. I then told her that was a good decision that it would help her and she wouldn’t have to feel alone as there were others in the same as herself. After sharing with her she looked much more relaxed.
Progress toward My Objectives
One of my objectives is crisis intervention, I was able to put this objective into action when one of the clients called in twice for me to change her return time on the sign in sheet. The girl had and asked me to change the time, I asked her if this was approved by the facility she said it was. I felt that something didn’t seem right so I asked a supervisor and she said they needed to get permission. So I was glad that I had asked about changing the time she was to return. I have learned that to avoid a crisis not to take the word of a client as being the right thing to do, but to ask someone if I have any doubt at all.

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