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Part One: Beef Lasagna Essay

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It was on a Sunday the day my family and I moved into our new home. We'd built a two storey house on the corner of Cayliss Rd in Harttick. Dad said it was a 'prestigeous area', but it was far from the Hills, where I had grown up."OI! I didn't pay you lot to sit around on your bums, the sofas aren't moving themselves!" said Dad as he yelled at the removalists."You're gonna love it here, Tarryn." He had noticed my anxious face. I'd been thinking about moving the entire time. Not that I needed to think about it, I wasn't part of the decision anyway, but for some odd reason I felt that something bad was going to happen. Leaving everything behind - my old school, my old friends, and my old ...view middle of the document...

The carpet was the sea, the cream-coloured furniture and doors were the sand, and the walls were the sky.I didn't want to go to school the next day. I dreaded the feeling of fear that everyone would ignore me, or even worse, stare holes right through me, thinking that I was some freak. I hated dreading feelings because it was much worse than not knowing how you were going to feel about something before it happened. It meant that I thought about things too much. It meant insecurity about myself. I simply wished sometimes that I would just act like myself around people other than my family. I wanted to change. And moving homes and schools would be the perfect opportunity to do that. But I still felt like something was going to go wrong... although it could've been my old self thinking that, and my old self never landed me in any good places.Public schools were the worst. I was at a public school in Year 8. There were thousands of people and there was hardly enough room for even one thousand people, let alone three thousand. The corridors after Period 2 on Fridays were crowded with people pushing, whacking you with their elbows or shoving their shoulders into your head - it was violent human traffic. Everyone wanted to move in the...

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