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Care giver: Works one on one with clients caring for them often on a 24 hour basis. Jobs include in-home caretaker, childcare, etc. Case Management Overview Paper
Tracy O’Neill
BSHS 405

Case Management Overview Paper
Tracy O’Neill
BSHS 405

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This paper has the purpose to give an overview of Human Service Case Management. There are thirteen roles and responsibilities of a case manager that will be discussed along with defining special populations, the potential issues a case manager should be able to address. The paper will explain the importance of being able to identify problems and causes of behavior using theoretical models.
The thirteen different roles and responsibilities for a case manager are briefly ...view middle of the document...

4. Evaluator, evaluates client, community programs and their needs. These programs could range from medical, mental health, social, educational, or spiritual. After evaluation plan for the client will be formulated.
5. Teacher/Educator, Performs instructional activities and models new behaviors for clients.
6. Behavior Changer, uses counseling skills for behavioral therapy.
7. Mobilizer, organizes client and community support to help get new resources for client(s) and communities.
8. Consultant, Works with other professions and agencies regarding their handling of problems and needs by offering knowledge or support.
9. Community Planner, Works with community boards and community leaders to ensure that developments are in the best interest of the community.
10. Care giver, works one on one with clients caring for them often on a twenty-four-hour basis. Jobs include in-home caretaker, childcare, etc.
Table 1
[Table Title]
Column Head Column Head Column Head Column Head Column Head
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Row Head 456 456 456 456
Row Head 789 789 789 789
Row Head 123 123 123 123
Row Head 456 456 456 456
Row Head 789 789 789 789
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